Black Bear Diner Pancake – The Story and the Recipe

Pancakes are the staple of every household. You can top it with some fruits, a spoon of honey, or a bit of jam and have a delicious bite out of it. And Black Bear Diner prepare the best pancakes that can overpower any other pancake recipe.

Who doesn't like this satisfying dish that has such an alluring aroma?

While several pancake recipes are floating on the internet and inside your grandma's mind, there is a place that will addict you to it.  Do you want to explore it? If yes, keep following us!

About Black bear diner pancake and the recipe

Black Bear Diner Pancake

The best pancakes are the ones that are light and fluffy. If your pancake is dense, it is not ideally consumable. It is because the taste and texture will considerably change, making it a wrong choice.

Only a handful of recipes make the best pancakes that have the ideal texture and flavor. One such recipe is used by Black Bear Diner, who holds the best pancake legacy since time immemorial.

Though they don't share their magical recipe with anyone, a bit of spying and sneaking did wonder for us. Since they make the best pancakes that melt in the mouth when you put the piece on your tongue, it is clear that they won't publicize it.

However, to serve you with the best, we had to put in our efforts and dig that recipe out. 

Pancakes are a versatile dish that any person can have. They are stomach-filling and soul-satisfying. There are no alternatives to them that are equally good, so they are so popular worldwide.

Consumers consume it in different ways. Some people prefer it with drizzled honey, ice-cream, or fruits, while others either eat it plainly when hot or sprinkle some icing sugar on top. 

This dish is so tempting that no one can go past it without noticing or taking a sniff of it.

If you are excited to make such gold-standard pancakes at home, we have brought you the Black bear diner's secret recipe.

Read the recipe shared below, and then start with your preparations to make mouth-watering pancakes at home.

The Recipe


  • Flour – 4 cups
  • Eggs – 6
  • Vanilla Essence – 4 Tablespoon
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Low-fat Milk – 2 cups
  • Salt – 1 Teaspoon
  • Fat-free half and a half – 2 cups
  • Baking powder – 1 Tablespoon + 1 Teaspoon


  • To make the delicious Black Bear Diner pancakes, start by mixing the dry ingredients first. Take a bowl and pour every dry element into it. It would be better to use a sieve to prevent the lumps and other unwanted things from getting in the mixture.
  • The next thing you need to do is crack open the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. This step requires precision, so ensure that you do it properly, or else the batter will get ruined.
  • Once you finish separating the egg's components, take another bowl and empty all the wet ingredients in it. Here, you need to use the egg yolks and not the whites.
  • The most crucial step comes at this stage. The best batter has to be of the correct consistency and smoothness. It should be free from lumps so that the pancakes come out as they should be. To do so, mix the wet ingredients to the dry ones gradually by stirring continuously.
  • Ensure that no lumps are formed, and the mix has been blended appropriately. Once combined, keep this mix aside and start working with the egg whites.
  • Empty the egg whites into a clean bowl and start whisking it with a hand blender or stand mixer. Mix it till you notice the formation of soft peaks.
  • Once the peaks start forming, stop the blender and fold this foamy egg white mix gradually with the mixture set aside. You should make sure that you don't stir the two mixtures. Instead, fold them together to allow the air to enter inside the batter so that the pancakes become fluffy and soft.
  • Now, heat the pan or the cooking utensil you want to cook your pancakes on medium heat. Don't overheat the pan, or else your pancakes will burn.
  • After the utensil attains the desired temperature, grease the surface with some oil or butter to prevent the pancake from sticking. Now, take 1/3 cup of the batter and pour it inside the utensil.
  • You should cook the pancake till the side closer to the bottom of the utensil turns golden brown. After you notice the changing color, carefully flip the pancake so that the other side also gets cooked similarly.
  • Once the pancakes are ready, serve them hot with the preferred condiment and enjoy it hot.

We are sure that you won't ever look back at the old recipe once you eat the pancakes made using this one. 

You can get to enjoy the delicious Black bear diner pancake at your home without much effort and traveling far.

You only need to have the necessary ingredients and patience while cooking it. You never know when your pancake batter might be over because of you tasting it every now and then!

The legacy of the Black bear diner in pancake making

Black Bear Diner Pancakes

Black Bear Diner was established in 1995, after which it has been gaining popularity with each passing day. It won't be wrong to say that it is only confined to California. 

It fans its wings across 14 states, and in total, they have 143 diners in several locations.

Have you ever visited a bear-themed restaurant where the bears are all around? You get served by a bear, get to click pictures with them, and eat too. 

These aspects make Black bear diners stand out for others, so many people make frequent visits to their dining place.

The Black bear community has set up this dining concept to serve people with high-standard food that is both tempting and satisfying. This concept took birth from the idea to serve home-style food that would comfort their souls.

Since not many diners offered such comforting food to their customers, Black Bear diners came up with this concept to make a massive change in the hospitality industry. 

This community is highly efficient in their services, which makes them much more popular.

Due to immense appreciation and popularity, the Black bear diner community has managed to expand its global footprint at a fast pace.

Their mission is to welcome every customer with warmth and open arms and serve them with great delight.

You not only eat delicious food at this dining place but also contribute to philanthropic efforts. The Black Bear diner supports such efforts by donating a share of their income to these services.

Other delicacies at Black Bear Diners

While the pancakes are the focused delicacy that people visit this dining place for, there is much more on the list to explore. Each diner has its famous signature dish, and Black bear diner is no exception.

So, to get you familiarized with some of the delicious dishes you can find here, we have brought you the list. We researched and found the top four dishes besides the pancakes that are must-haves at this place.

Get yourself ready with some table linens because you will be drooling soon.

1) Chicken Fried Steak

The chicken fried steak is available in two options at the Black bear diner. You can either choose for the five pounce chicken or go for the ten pounce one depending on your appetite and diet.

This dish is served with homemade hash-browns to enhance the taste and give a bite to the entire dish.

You also get an egg gravy covered biscuit to complete the dish and make it hunger-satisfying. If you are having this dish for dinner, you get choices of macaroni and cheese, onion rings, mashed potatoes, etc., as a side dish to complement the main one.

2) Prime Rib

So, to have this mouth-watering dish at the Black bear diners, you need to mark the nearest weekend on your calendar.

This dish is their exotic collection, which is available only on the weekends. Mind you! There is a lot of rush on the weekends to have this delicacy. Hence, book your seats beforehand!

The Prime Rib is an incomplete dish until it is served hot with some vegetables, gravy, mashed potatoes, and salad. The cornbread muffin blends very well with the taste, and hence, you can order it too.

3) Cinnamon rolls French Toast

Black Bear diner is famous for its breakfast services. One of the best breakfast dishes on the menu includes Cinnamon roll French toast. It kick starts your day with a sugar rush so that you stay energized day long.

The Cinnamon roll is poles apart from the French toast, but this bear community has infused both with great intelligence. The cinnamon roll is dipped in the batter of the French toast and then served.

It is finished by a dash of powdered sugar so that the taste is enhanced. Moreover, you also get a syrup to dip the roll and relish every bite of it. These unique combinations make this dish a must-have.

4) The Grizz

The Grizz is a popular dish that is very extraordinary and rare to find anywhere else other than the Black bear diner. It is a mix of pancakes, eggs, ham steaks, smoked bacon, and sausages.

While these complete the dish, the side dishes enhance the flavor.

These side dishes include country fried potatoes, fresh fruits, onions, peppers, etc. Besides these, you also get to eat another unique dish known as the Chicken Apple Sausage.

Other toppings that you can try to make your pancake delicious

Pancake topping

A pancake is incomplete until you add a topping to it. Different people prefer using different toppings which suit their taste.

Hence, we have brought you four excellent pancake toppings that you can try to make your pancake eating experience worthwhile.

1) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

To make this topping, you will need essential ingredients, which are maple syrup, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Mix the maple syrup and peanut butter at medium flame and bring it to a flowy consistency.

Once done, pour it on the pancake and sprinkle some chocolate chips on top to complete the entire dish and enjoy it with your loved ones.

2) Classic topping

This topping is the most effortless one. You can use it whenever you want because it can be made in minutes using basic pantry ingredients like maple syrup and butter.

Drizzle the maple syrup on top of the hot pancake and then put a small piece of butter on top. Let the butter piece melt and blend with the maple syrup, and then relish every bite of it.

3) The birthday topping

If you are using the pancakes as a birthday cake, you can always opt for a suitable birthday topping. You only need Rainbow Sprinkles, maple syrup, and whipped cream.

You need to drizzle the maple syrup on top and put the whipped cream on the maple syrup-soaked pancake. Then, complete the topping with some rainbow sprinkles before serving.

4) Strawberry cheesecake topping

Pancakes are also used as a dessert, and hence to bring the dessert-like feeling and taste, we have also incorporated the Strawberry cheesecake topping. This topping gives your pancake a dessert taste.

You need not do many things. Top the pancakes with the cheesecake topping, and then add strawberry pieces on the top you diced. To finish the dish, sprinkle some Graham cracker crumbs, and then eat your dessert and savor it.

Wrapping Up

All age-groups love pancakes, and you can eat them anytime. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You only need to change the toppings and side dishes to make them suitable when you have them.

There are Innumerable recipes so you can effortlessly make them, but the Black bear diner pancake recipe has a charm. You won't get the same taste in other recipes that only Black bear's formula provides you.

Hence, if you are craving your delicious pancakes at Black Bear diner, follow the recipe provided above to get the same texture and taste at your home.

So, make sure you use this recipe and tell us about your views on it!  And if you can get enough of pancakes here is even more!

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