About Chew The World

Chew the World is a blog dedicated to easy, and simple recipes or solutions to people who are NOT experts in cooking. We want to help the everyday person cook great food and answer your food related questions easily, and quickly. 

Let’s face it, no one has time to cook really, unless it’s your one passion in life, or your job, you never really want to spend time making food. This is where we come in.

Our mission is to provide great information on all your cooking questions, and make it easy to cook and eat healthy food. 

Our team here at Chew the World are not pro chefs or expert cooks, we are ordinary people like you, who live a way too busy life and honestly just want to get this thing of eating out of the way so we can watch some Netflix. 

Finding simple answers to cooking questions is a hassle, all I want to know is how long to cook crab meat in the oven, I didn’t ask for the history of the crab and 50 recipes – Just take me to the answer and let me be. 

Chew the world is the blog you have been waiting for if you’re like us. Simple, straight forward articles about everyday questions related to cooking that real people are asking. 

The sort of articles you are expected to read on our site are: 

These are the important things in life don’t you agree? 

How do we do it you ask? Well, we strive to keep these rule of thumbs when writing our content: 

  1. Simple, easy to read language that the everyday person can understand ( No cooking lingo here ) 
  2. Research what we say and making sure it’s accurate and correct.
  3. Update our old content as much as possible to keep it fresh

Meet our team 

Paula – Founder and original blog creator. 

Founded in 2016, Paula was the person looking for answers online and wanted to become a better cook, she simply couldn’t understand why a simple cooking blog doesn’t exist, so she started one. The older articles you see on the site before 2018 were probably written by her, and with just sweat and passion, she created them all. 

Ksenija – Editor in Chief

Let’s take a step back. After a few years of running the site, the founder burned out, and looked for someone who can take over and grow it even further. In 2020 Alony Media purchased this brand and added it to our portfolio of websites, we saw the potential and decided it was a good fit. 

Ksenija is our Editor in Chief and she oversee some of the brands we own and run. With her years of experience in the blogging and online marketing world, she know exactly how to make the articles look good, and help you. 

Aliza Khan – Senior Editor 

Aliza is a seasoned editor and writer for online magazines for many years now, with great ability to research and produce food related articles and how to posts for the everyday reader. 

She joined the site to help us improve our guides and food related articles.

Diptesh Das – Lead writer 

Diptesh is one of our leading writers, he is a writing wiz that can craft the perfect article on any topic, but I wouldn’t be lying if I said he has a thing for cooking. 


We also work with contributors who are happy to share their knowledge of cooking and advice, they help us fact check everything and make sure we are not giving our readers false information. 

How to contact us

The easiest way to reach out is to use the contact form on the contact us page