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How To Select The Best Coffee For Latte

I like a good cup of coffee as much as the next person, but what I truly enjoy in is a delicate foamy latte. And I like making latte at home for my guests and myself, but I learned the hard way that stiff foam on the top of a flawless latte and fantastic flavor don’t happen by accident.

They are the result of three things: your skill, the quality of the milk and the choice of the coffee. 

While the first requirement is a matter of effort and experience, the second and the third depend on how well-informed you are. In this article, I’ll show you how to choose the best coffee for latte, but also give you a few hints on choosing the milk and making a fabulous latte, so keep on reading.

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7 Amazing Oils That Will Make A Good Substitute For Peanut Oil

Whether you’re running short of peanut oil or simply allergic to anything nutty, this article is for you as I list seven oils that can be a good substitute for peanut oil. When it comes to frying, peanut oil is much desired because of its great taste and high smoking point. Peanut oil is high in unsaturated fats which makes it a good source of antioxidants.

My quest for peanut oil substitutes started when I find it always unavailable at my local supermarket. Today, I’m going to share some great peanut oil alternatives that I've tested myself.

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Substitute For Balsamic Vinegar (And Others You Need To Know!)

Balsamic vinegar’s taste is probably its most distinct feature and what sets it apart from the readily available types of cooking vinegar out there. However, this unique taste is also the reason why most cooks panic when they’re running out of it. I’ve struggled to find a solution to this fiasco recently. Luckily, there's a variety of ingredients that can aid you as a substitute for balsamic vinegar.

This article concentrates on the substitutes for balsamic vinegar. Here, you’ll also be learning how to mix your own vinegar to get that unique taste of balsamic vinegar.

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10 Amazing Escarole Substitutes (#10 Will Surprise You!)

My family that’s not fond of the bitter taste of soup and side dishes I usually prepare for them has gone on unanimously to tell me to stick to whatever ingredient I have. You see, I’ve stumbled upon this escarole’s less bitter taste that is also armed with some of the significant nutrients and minerals you could ever ask for.

But the glory of my secret may soon whittle down as I have found out that escaroles are not that readily available on the market. So, I'm writing this article if you're like me who's looking for an escarole substitute!

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Substitute For Fontina Cheese That Will Surprise You, And More!

Your reasons for substituting Fontina cheese are not unfounded. This prized cheese that originates from the Aosta Valley of Italy is infamously unavailable in so many places that people would naturally look for its replacements. I’m writing this article for those who are looking for the best substitute for Fontina cheese.

There are a number of replacements out there for this elusive cheese! It might surprise you to know that these substitutes can essentially take the place of it and render its taste, flavor, aroma and the texture that it’s globally known for.

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7 Queso Fresco Substitute Options That You Need To Know

Love making Mexican recipes but can’t seem to locate queso fresco in your local supermarkets? Don’t worry because, in this article, I’ll be listing some options that you can use as a good queso fresco substitute. Although these cheeses might not give the exact flavor as the real queso fresco, they’re close enough to give the character that you need in your recipes.

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7 Cherry Heering Substitute Solutions For Your Recipes: All You Need To Knows

Are you always one step behind in getting the last stock of Cherry Heering from your local liquor stores? That must be devastating for you especially if you’re making dessert or cocktail recipes that call for this sweet liqueur. So you don't totally eliminate cherry hearing from your recipes, you can use a cherry heering substitute.

Cherry Heering is a full-bodied liqueur that has a natural cherry taste. This sweet, ruby-red liqueur has been manufactured in Denmark since 1818.

The next time you run out of Cherry Heering, you can use any of these substitutes.

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7 Lemongrass Substitute Hacks To Make Delicious Recipes: #5 Will Blow Your Mind

Does this always happen to you- each time you want to make curries or stews, you always run out of lemongrass in the kitchen? It’s a real bummer, right? Whenever this happens, you can actually use a lemongrass substitute instead.

If you’re familiar with Asian food, then you must have an idea on the aroma and flavor of lemongrass. Although it will be difficult to be replicate the lemony, sweet, and unique aroma of lemongrass, you can use some other great substitutes. If you want to know each of them, check them out in the list below.

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How To Make A Curry Paste Substitute With 10 Basic Ingredients

Curry paste is a great ingredient that is often used in Asian cuisines. If you want to add depth and earthy flavors to your meals, adding a bit of curry paste will surely do the trick. But what would you do when you run out of curry paste and there’s no stock left at your local supermarket?

Since curry paste has a very distinct flavor, finding a substitute for it can be quite a struggle. But don’t lose hope just yet. You can easily make your own curry paste substitute at home with a couple of ingredients that’s frequently available in supermarkets.

Want to know how to make a curry paste substitute? Just keep on reading because I will be sharing a simple recipe that you can easily make at home using easy to find ingredients. You might even end up preferring this homemade curry paste over store bought ones!

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