Top 68 Food Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Top 68 Food Blogs

It's a big world out there, especially if you're on the Web. We foodies are always on the hunt for some more quality recipes, images, and great resources about food. We know you can spend days and weeks looking for the best websites and blogs that talk about the thing we all adore.

That's why we're listing the top 68 food blogs you need to follow right now, and ensure your resources on quality content for your daily dose of fabulous recipes, kitchen tips & tricks, gadgets, guides... All about it.

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For a savvy internet user (which you certainly are), a top list of food blogs is something that will be really useful, so here at Chew The World, we decided to find the best blogs to follow if you're a food junkie, and you're interested in everything related.

Without any particular order, here are the food blogs you need to follow right now.

Naturally Ella


Naturally Ella

Erin Aldersons father had a heart attack, and she decided to stop eating junk food and all processed meat. Since the college days, Erin has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge to inspire others to cook and use natural foods.

"Don't count the calories, just exercise and eat healthy, natural food". That's Erins motto. On NaturallyElla, you can find a lot about cooking a meal, exploring the ingredients, and building a pantry; all packed with a beautiful design, crisp and vivid imagery and a unique touch.

Golubka Kitchen

best-food-blogs-Golubka Kitchen

Tasty and nourishing cooking, experimenting in the kitchen and creating exquisite meals that are great for the eye and health as well. That would describe Anya Kassoffs blog, creatively named Golubka Kitchen.

Golubka means a dovein English (translated from Russian, Anya is Russianborn). Anya believes that the healthy food can be as tasty as non-healthy when prepared correctly. Golubka Kitchen features many delicious posts both in salty and sweet foods.

The Picky Eater

best food blogs the picky eater

A passion for delicious food is the first thing youll notice browsing the nicely designed, colorful blogcalled The Picky Eater.

A certified health coach, wife, and mother, Anjali is the founder and author ofthis website, where she shares advice on healthy living, healthy meals and preparing them.

Her husband went through the transformation from "white bread eating, fast-food-loving" guy to one that actually eats healthy food now. If you follow Anjali, The Picky Eater, you will too.

My Blue and White Kitchen


"Seasonal. Nordic-inspired Cooking." My Blue and White Kitchen is "Best Food Blog Awards" finalist, a newspaper designed blog built with quality and uniqueness in mind, with a single purpose–toinspire you to gather around a table and make you see and appreciate the beauty of fresh, a local specialty.

The Nordic kitchen is something truly remarkable, and something you need to experience once in your lifetime. Followed by interesting stories by Sini, the author, will definitely inspire you totry new things.

My New Roots

My new roots

If you're all about healthy food choices, whole foods, and healthy way of preparing the perfect meals you'll find your new favorite place at My New Roots blog.

A holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef, Sarah Britton is obsessed with plants and healthy nutrition, and she brings a new dimension to creating quality and healthy meals.

Her creativity will inspire you to go vegetarian, if not even vegan. Fantastic imagery will force you to get those ingredients and prepare that meal, asap.


Multi-faceted, organized, and lovely looking blog called The Foodalist has a unique approach to food presentation. Amélie, the founder and author, has an abundant experience traveling and food tasting.

If you visit and subscribe to The Foodalist, you'll get access to hundreds of unique foods of many popular destinations on the globe. Fond of Paris? Try the Kunitoraya Japanese, Saturne, or L'ARPÈGE restaurants – on this site, youll get the best info.

The Curious Appetite

Curious appetite

If you have an affection towards Italian cuisine, you're going to love The Curious Appetite.

CoralLelah, a Seattle-born and raised got obsessed with Italy after a visit to Florence. The Curious Appetite was born to share the love and affection to fine Italian food and wine.

Coral has a plethora of certificates and awards in the food industry, alongside a Bachelors Degree in Italian language & literature and Food and Wine Pairing certificate from Wine Academy in Seattle.

Just One Cookbook

Just one cookbook

Namiko Chen – Nami is a travel, food blogger and a published author, cook and photographer running Just One Cookbook. She is passionate Japanese author living in San Francisco Bay area and sharing the family recipes, interesting meals, preparing food, health & diet. Especially dish such as cheese, popcorn...

No matter which type of food you're after, you'll find something interesting on this site. Nami travels the world and shares all kind of interesting recipes from the different cultures and destinations. She published the Just OneCookBook, check it out.

The Vanilla Bean Blog

vanilla bean blog

Baking recipes, photos of kitchen and meals moments with friends and family, and some occasional poetry and prose. Sarah Kieffer from Minneapolis has a sweet tooth–she enjoys the result of a kitchen filled with sweet treats.

She published a book called Vanilla Bean Baking Book, and she publishes a lot of creative ideas for treats and everyday sweets that you can make with ease.

"There is something deeper, something soul-full that happens when we slice the cake", states Sarah on The Vanilla Bean blog.

Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate

Kathryne or Kate runs this well-designed and organized blog, which was created to showcase her absolute obsession with well-prepared, healthy and tasty food.

The name Cookie and Kate come because of Kates four-legged assistant, a jaunty spotted mutt, her "chief crumb catcher and the best companion a girl could ask for".

She is focused on photography, and she's a vegetarian, so if you love excellent images that don't contain meat or similar products, you're at the right place.

Kirbie's Cravings


Kirbie’s Cravings is the product of a married couple of food junkies, Mr. and Mrs. Kirbie. They provide a plethora of colorful ideas, delights that will make your mouth water, easy-to-make recipes on a daily basis.

They love to eat, bake, travel and share everything they love on this blog. Every now and then, a unique recipe is published on this witty blog. Mug Cake Recipes is their new book, where you'll find some unique, never-published recipes.

CP food blog

Eating at amusement parks can enhance or diminish the whole experience, don't you think?

CedarPoint, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, has numerous opportunities for eating. This blog is full of resources and tips about the food in the parks, interesting facts, and stories about many featuresin entertainment parks.

Possibilities are many, and with the CP Food Blog, you'll have the finest, freshest information on delights of this and other parks. An interesting idea and concept for the food blog.

Marla Meridith

Marla Meridith

Marla is a girl from Long Island, NY living in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, and sharing her traveling and food adventures from exploring all across the globe.

Delicious food, outdoor activities, shopping, advice for a modern girl and many exciting features for a modern foodie. "Making life supertasty in and out of the kitchen" is Marlas motto.

Mentioned in many top food blogger lists andcompetitions, this blog will always have something interesting for you.

Frugal Feeding

Frugal Feeding

Even though the name of this blog might confuse you, the real story behind Frugal Feeding is to have the finest, well-sourced food as economically as possible–not being cheap.

Nick, the founder of the blog, has a simple mission – to provide "the means and ways to deliver low-cost and beautifully presented meals to your table". And he is doing pretty well achieving it.

From unique and different recipes to standard, yet totally unique made dishes, there is something for anyone here.


If you have a sweet tooth, you're going to love Food Nouveau. Marie, the author and founder of this blog left her job as a designer to do what she really loves – writing about food and traveling.

Living for 5 months in Paris made her realize her true passion. She is best at making sweet pastries, cookies, pasta and macarons. Marie is lactose-intolerant so her recipes will be perfect for you if youre intolerant as well.

Dolly and Oatmeal


Lindsey S. Love runs the Dolly and Oatmeal, a blog where she shares gluten and dairy-free recipes, simply because she has a sensitive belly.

With years she realized and learned the relationship between the body and the food were eating, so she started a plant-based diet.

Stunning imageryand amazing recipes Lindsey shares will make your mouth water. She published a Cook Book focusing on chickpea flour as a substitute for regular one.

The Finer Cookie


Kimberlie Robert shares her immense passion for cookies on The Finer Cookie, a blog concentrated solely on these small delights that make our lives better. Her obsession with Cereal Marshmallow Bars, Animal Pancakes, and Enchanted Castle Cake started her career as a food blogger.

On this blog, you'll find the collection of her finest cookies, and the favorites of her family. No matter if you're a seasoned cookie enthusiast, a connoisseur, or you want to learn about cookies, you'll find everything here.​

Cooking on the Weekends


​Valentina from Cooking On The Weekends is one of the most creative bloggers in the food industry. Her blog contains a load of high-quality recipes, interesting ideas and creative meals for everyday occasions and casual entertaining.

Valentina is cooking in every cuisine she can, and she enjoy simmersing in other people's cultures and customs. Visiting this blog regularly, you'll have an inspirational dose of great-looking and great-tasting food. Cooking healthy, being creative, and enjoying the process – thats what you'll experience on this site.

French Foodie in Dublin


Like the title of the blog says, Katie is the French foodie in Dublin. She's born and raised in France, but visited Dublin once and fell in love with it so hard, that she decided to stay and live there.

Her approach to food, restaurants and events is neutral and unique, as she tries to keep FFID blog as honest and authentic as possible. Dublins food scene is amazing, and you need to check this blog to find out more about it.

Savory Sweet Life

best-food-blogs-Savory sweet life

Alice Currah is the Korean-American, Seattle-based blogger behind Savory Sweet Life; she's a cook, a photographer, and a writer.

This blog publishes quality recipes and interesting ideas from Alice. She prefers a simple, approachable, yet wonderful meals that will thrill your guests when you make a small gathering or a party.

Alice's blog was featured in numerous major publications, and she published a successful cookbook called Savory Sweet Life Cookbook. Family life, traveling, and the overall pleasant feeling is what you'll find on this fantastic website.


Jeanne Horak-Druiff is a South African criminal advocate based in London. By day she is a successful tutor and trainer at City law firm and by night she transforms into an awesome food, wine, travel blogger and a freelance writer.

Her site specializes in healthy foods and offers a bunch of dazzling photographs as well as recipes that range from vegan to meat-based meals. For those of you who wonder about the name of the site, it comes from a South African deep-fried pastry.

Love and Lemons


Jenine and Jack are the masterminds behind this incredibly-designed site that deals with a wide variety of mouth-watering meals. They are from Austin, TX but enjoy traveling around the globe.

Janine loves to add lemon juice to fresh seasonal vegetables so much that she decided to name the blog after her affection.

The happy couple loves dogs, peaches, and mushrooms. Most of the recipes featured on the site are vegetarian, but some meals contain meat as well.


Brooklyn Supper is a simply designed blog that provides a variety of healthy seasonal food recipes. The site is maintained by Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell, a married couple who support a healthy lifestyle and local food communities.

They believe that people should aim to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. The site is pretty straightforward and features some incredible-looking meals that are healthy and easy to prepare.


When we take a look at the Kitchen Confidante blog, we can't stop salivating over some incredible looking meals. We can't help but wonder how those taste. There is a ton of articles and pictures about food as well as recipes that cover breakfasts, lunches, and many other categories.

The blog is designed and maintained by Liren, a mother of two that lives in San Francisco Bay Area. She is inspired by the beauty of food and the feelings that it invokes in people.


Jessie is a girl behind this blog. She is a vegan that supports non-GMO, organic based plant foods raised on local crops. Her recipes feature tasty, healthy and good-looking food for everyone out there.

She often includes organic honey and some gluten-free flours (like Spelt flour) in her recipes and believes in balance in life as well as food.

Faring Well is a blog where people, no matter on their diet or lifestyle, can find food they love and enjoy it to the fullest.


This site is a-must-visit for all pastry lovers out there. The artist in charge is Anita, a blogger from SanFrancisco. Her passion for pastry had culminated in 2005 when she attended the course on French patisserie, and she is improving her skills ever since.

On this blog, you will find incredible, mouth watering recipes and pictures (her second passion) that accompany them. From bread and cakes to ice creams and tarts, this pastry girl enjoys life and sharing her craft with you.

At Home With Rebecka


Rebecka Evans is California-based, award-winning food blogger and a trained classical vocalist. One look at her photos and food presented on the blog will make you forget about the time.

These yummy meals are all made with love, and they will make you feel just like at home. Rebecka participated in many competitions over the years and won a bunch of awards, and it only means that this lady knows a thing or two about food and blogging.


Valentina is a 24-year-old Italian who enjoys her food and countryside. On her site, you will find mostly vegan meals as well as a bunch of guides and travel articles. She practices and preaches about locally and organically grown food from small producers.

Her photographs are very artsy, and it appears that her meals are a work of art as well. The site itself looks great in its simplicity, and all content is sorted into categories.


All vegetable lovers out there, this site is a must. The name of the author is Kate Hackworthy, and she is a freelance writer who is nuts about vegetables in every form.

On this blog,you will find a lot of unusual recipes whether you are looking for the main course, drink, or a dessert.There are plenty of options to choose from, different things to try, and each of them looks better than the last one.


This is a well-round lifestyle and food blog that youd enjoy following. Tori shares inspirational, fun and creative ideas which are tasty first and foremost. Culinary history is a significant segment of this blog, bringing interesting facts and stories that will broaden your knowledge.

Next, there are a plethora of quality-made and greatly designed articles on holidays, lifestyle, travel, and different cooking styles. Browsing this blog is pure enjoyment, and you're missing out if you're not subscribed. Go for it right now!


Sophistication, creativity, witty voice, and uniqueness – those are the qualities of Miss Foodwise blog that'll make you love it. Regula Ysewijn, the author and founder of the blog, preaches the utmost importance of the provenance of the meat and dairy without processing.

No matter which region you're stationed in, local food from small vendors will give you the best possible taste of the cuisine and tradition. Regula published a book called Pride and Pudding, talking about the history of British pudding.

Chocolate and Marrow


As stated on the blog itself, "Chocolate + Marrow is a food blog for those who love to cook with the seasons, travel through their kitchens, and swap stories about food and life".

A New Orleans-born, living-in-Portland-now girl, named Brooke is the author of this blog. Recipes that inspire, places that inspire, and beyond anything else, stories of life.

If you love cooking, reading and traveling, you'll enjoy this website. Brooke has a perpetually-hungry chocolate lab, named Bourré.


Ana Sofia Peláezruns this quirky, interesting and Latin-food-focused blog. The reason for starting this blog was a small inheritance – a 1970s Sunbeam mixer that somehow ended in her Brooklyn apartment.

The mixer brought a big amount of memories and reminiscing; her grandparents created fabulous Cuban desserts with it. Utterly obsessed with food and always hungry, Ana Sofia will be a perfect guide if you want to immerse in the Latin cuisine.

Food with a View


If you're living in a big city, there's no need for you to compromise on the quality of the food you're eating.

A natural, healthy, and manifold cuisine from fresh and unprocessed ingredients is the essence of healthy and good life. That's why Claudia and Arne, the authors, are running this website.

It might sound that you need a lot of resources and effort to create quality and delicious meals, but the truth is that you don't; Claudia and Arne, a vegetarian/vegan couple from a tiny Berlin kitchen will show you how.

Eating Bird Food


Behind a blog with this unusual and strange name is Brittany, a certified health coach, personal trainer and lover of everything related to food, fitness, and wellness.

Non-conventional ideas, tips and tricks, and unique ideas on preparing meals, desserts, and smoothies will educate, entertain, and enlighten you.

Healthy food can taste amazing, and it doesn't have to be hard to prepare. Brittany also has a 28-day transformation program that will make you lose fat and get healthier at the same time.

Dinner at the Zoo


If you're a busy mom who loves to create lovely meals for your children, this is the right place for you.

All moms love to feed their kids with the best, healthiest foods, and often our toddlers won't cooperate; that's when creativity and smart ideas come in to save the day. On Dinner at the Zoo, you'll find exactly that–ideas that will help you feed your kids, and meals that you can prepare and enjoy.

Raw Food Recipes


Raw Food Recipes is the community with more than a dozen contributors certified in health, food,and holistic backgrounds. If you're into raw food meals, this site is an absolute must for you.

More and more people are getting educated on rawfoods and health benefits of this diet, so if you're thinking about going raw, this is the place to learn.

On the other hand, if you're living on raw food for a while, you'll find inspiring ideas and great recipes for every meal or a snack.


Beth is a gluten-free blogger behind this interesting website. The overall green theme is an excellent refreshment in the sea of blogs that all look the same.

On Tasty Yummies, Beth guides you through holistic ideas, healthy living through delicious gluten-free meals, body healing, yoga, and an overall balance in your body, which is essential to a healthy life.

If you're gluten-intolerant, the chances are that you're already subscribed to this fantastic resource. If not, do that asap.

Sustainable Dish


Diana Rogers, RD, NTP is the author of this blog. She is a certified real food nutritionist, author, and sustainability supporter living on a working organic farm.

She's on a mission to help people regain their health by eating nutrient-dense foods. She runs Sustainable Dish Podcast and shares uniqueand exciting ideas on sustainable lifestyle and healthy diet every day.

Sustainable Dish has been featured in many major publications online, and it features a nice shop where you can find a load of quality, healthy products in multiple categories.

The Schizo Chef


A schizophrenic chef Mireille runs this quirky, entertaining, and refreshing food blog. And yeah, that's just a creative name, she's not really schizophrenic.

Mireille refers that she's schizophrenic regarding the food actually since she can't pick her favorite taste and always gets something new and exciting. Her cooking skills are impressive, alongside with her résumé.

Following this blog, you'll get a ton of ideas for your next meal and experience different cuisines simultaneously.


Whether you are an uninspired mom or just a person in need of healthier and creative recipes, look no further than Joy Foodly.

Chef Hollie Greene is here to help families incorporate more fruits and veggies in their diets, and she offers practical advice on how to do it. Food is important as well as family.

It's time to start preparing healthier food for your loved ones, and Hollie will teach you how to make it delicious!

With Food and Love

best-food-blogs-With-food-and love

Sherrie Castellano is a personal chef and health coach who lives in St. Louis. She offers a plethora of vegetarian, all-natural, gluten-free recipes; all made using simple, everyday and seasonal ingredients.

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced chef or just a kitchen newbie, her blog has something for everyone. Think of it as simple food prepared in a newly reimagined way. Bonus – it won't require a fortune to make and enjoy this nutritious deliciousness.

Red and Honey


Beth and her crew are on a mission to invite and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. This blog features health-conscious, whole food recipes, some natural living advice and no trendy, health "mambo-jumbo", that you can commonly encounter.

Straightforward, and honest suggestions to improve your life, with good food and many other things as well. If you think that you can't eat bacon and be healthy at the same time, Red+Honey will make you reconsider that opinion.


Karmen is an Australian who has a passion for all things health and fitness, but she also adores sweets and desserts. So, she found a way to combine her passions.

If you are a person with a sweettooth, and you aspire to be slim, this blog might be what you are looking for. A healthier version of your favorite treats, and just as delicious. Who could say no to this idea? Indulging has never felt so good.

Bunsen Burner Bakery


This is a blog for all people who are interested in baking and beyond! Julie is a real-life scientist by day, and at night she is a serious baker, doing different sorts of experiments in her kitchen.

Sweet and savory pastries, bread and some classic cooking recipes as well – it's all there for you to discover and try out. Besides all this tastiness, Julie also shares some of her travel photos and experiences.

Slices'N Spices


Neelima is a dentist from India, with a full-time cooking/baking obsession. On her site, you can find many different dishes inspired by food and cultures from all parts of India. Besides all this, a huge portion of the blog is dedicated to baking. All vegetarian, with the occasional introduction of eggs.

Lovely masonry design is responsive and interesting, and images are amazing – a combination every foodie likes. Slices'N Spices is all things Indian, spices, festival-like, and vegetarian.

Sin-a-Mon Tales


Foodies of the world unite! This blog and its creator, Monika Manchanda, offer you a whole universe of gourmet recipes, beginner to advanced, from all over the world.

Vegetarian or not, there is something for everybody. Asian, American, Italian cuisine; just name it, and you will probably find it on the website.

There are also some restaurant reviews to be found, as well as travel tales, so this might be the ideal blog for gastro-tourists.

Real Food with Dana


It's a common attitude that real, whole foods are tasteless and boring. Well, Dana exists to change your mind and prove that this claim can't be further from the truth.

She used natural food to treather multiple health conditions, and now she's sharing her delicious, healthy and mind-blowing recipes.

The blog offers many breakfast, lunch, side dish and dessert ideas, carefully constructed by a health and nutrition coach. The perfect website for fitness enthusiasts.


As you can see from the title, this blog is about all things paleo. Macy decided to go paleo due to many of her health issues and found that eating the right diet is a major factor in her well-being.

She made this blog to share gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, caveman inspired recipes, in a mission to help others feel better. From smoothies to dinner recipes, you can find anything you like, all with no allergens​!

​Cook it up Paleo


This is a website for all people with food allergy and irritation issues wholike to indulge from time totime. Heather Resler created a website mainly consisting of desserts and treats recipes, except they are all paleo-friendly.

Besides that, you can also find some "real" food, main dish recipes, all gluten, egg, cheese and dairy free. A restrictive diet doesn't have to be boring, and Heather proves it with her innovative and delicious creations.

​Jam Jar Gill


Food and fun loving Gill decided to create a blog for all life enthusiasts. Besides many recipes, she shares her lifestyle tips and stories as well. From music to videos to shopping, there is truly something for every type of interest.

As newlyweds, Gill and her husbandmoved into a 1950's house which they started to renovate room by room, and kindly share each step with readers, giving tip salong the way. The website offers a lot of practical, everyday advice.


Sassy Kitchen is a blog run by Julia Gartland, a self-taught baker, and a schooled photographer. The blog features gluten-free recipes mainly due to her digestive problems.

However, her site also offers a vast array of recipes for vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free diets, all neatly cataloged. Don't miss out on her portfolio which features both her culinary skills and her exquisite talent in photography.

Fit Foodie Finds


Lee has started Fit Foodie Finds back in 2011 while she was still an undergraduate student and has come along way since. This blog has surpassed the boundaries of a simple culinary blog and now features interesting topics such as travel, fitness, and lifestyle.

She is a firm believer in healthy living but also in self-improvement and fulfilling your dreams. Here you'll find great recipes for all meals along with excellent comments from this fabulous yoga instructor.

The Almond Eater


The adorable Erin who runs The Almond Eater emphasizes on recipes that take 30 minutes or less tomake while keeping them healthy and nutritious.

According to Erin, cooking shouldn't be a big hassle (therefore the under-30 minutes’ rule) and the wide variety of ingredients.

This blog offers a quick, tasty recipe for everyone. She is also an avid photographer and her blog and e-book offer quite a lot of tips for aspiring photographers.


A bit of a word-play from the phrase happy folks that perfectly describes Kelsey and Shaun, the people behind the blog Happy Yolks. Shaun does the photos and the filming while Kelsey posts and cooks delightful recipes.

It is possible to search through her recipes both via the meal you were looking for but also via the main ingredient used in the recipe. Like they state. "Here you'll find simple, wholesome recipes and meanderings on life, love, loss and the stuff in-between"​

Kiss My Spatula


One of the most original blogs out there, Kiss My Spatula breaks the boundaries of what you are accustomed to. Introducing music and travel into food and recipes indeed bring the whole blog onto another level.

Propagating a bohemian and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Kiss My Spatula is presented in awitty, modern way with the recipes themselves being organized into meal categories. This blog is an artistic expression as much as it is a culinary site.

The Stone Soup


The Stone Soup is based on practicality and easy-to-prepare recipes. Their motto is 5 ingredients per recipe so you can expect a lot of food that is planned to serve the fast, modern life.

Jules Clancy, the content creator, makes sure that the ingredients used are healthy and easy to come by. Jules also provides options for various dietary plans to help you lose weight, or battle various conditions.


A self-taught baker started this blog as she was trying to find a way to express her creativity. Today, Naomi is world famous for her sweets-baking recipes and has become somewhat of a role model to food bloggers in general.

Although battling for kitchen space with her husband (who is also a foodblogger) she has recently expanded her recipe list to more than just sweets, adding savory recipes and cocktails. There is some amazing stuff added there, be sure to check it out.


This Macedonian family woman (wife and a mother of two daughters) has already been spending alot of time in the kitchen due to the needs of her family when she decided to share her knowledge with the world.

Along with tips and tricks for cooking in general, Katerina offers a plethora of traditional Macedonian meals. Having quite of a sweet tooth as she has admitted, there is also a wide choice of different kinds of sweets on this website.

Oh She Glows


A plant-based diet has helped Angela with her eating disorder as much as her blog helped her to show her creative side. Oh She Glows features vegan recipes and similar healthy and nutritional ideas.

Original, awarded recipes, inspiring thoughts and an example for a healthy lifestyle are just some of the topics that can be found on Anglea Liddons blog. Healthy nutrition has never been so tempting and tasty.

Food Loves Writing


Tim and Shanna run this blog, concentrated on the joy and experience ofa good food and all that it brings to people.

Besides clever and interesting ideas alongside creativity and exceptional imagery, Food Loves Writing brings a healthy dose of family oriented value, because this couple writes about family, their happenings raising a lovely baby boy, and providing some exquisite recipes for everyday occasions.

Their love for the food and their lovely family is the driving force of this blog. They've published an Einkorn Cookbook.

best-food-blogs-Budget Bytes

"Food should be cheap, easy to make and get, and delicious" – that's the motto of the founder of Budget Bytes, Beth.

She's publishing recipes with prices on top of them, including the price for the recipe and price for the serving. That's incredibly valuable, especially if you're on a budget.

Reading Beths blog, you'll find some fantastic ideas, which you wouldn't believe how cheap they turn out tobe. That's her primary focus, and she's doing an incredible job keeping our stomachs and wallets full.

A Couple of Cooks


Giving up processed food, spice up your dishes and your life. It's that simple with A Couple Cooks, a great-looking blog run by Sonja & Alex.

This couple from Indianapolis host a food podcast. Besides discovering many amazing recipes and ideas for the food table, you can listen to an occasional dose of recipes, kitchen tips, stories, & conversations with the freshest voices in food, from celebrity chefs to local farmers.

My Darling Lemon Thyme


Here's the place every veggie should not miss. My Darling Lemon Thyme started in July 2010 as a place where Emma Galloway shares amazing vegetarian food, and life stories.

Her blog was featured in many popular publications ever since, earning a spot on Oprahs official website and more.

Having a food intolerance can be a pretty rough, and with recipes from this site, you'll stay safe and enjoy food like never before. Emma published two great cookbooks as well.

Clean and Delicious


Dani Spies is blogging on Clean and Delicious, an abundant resource that will help you learn to eat better, cook more, and create a healthy relationship with your food and body so you can reach your personal health and weight loss goals and feel your best.

Well-organized and written, witty, and full of creative ideas, this blog will guide you on a way to boost your health. Besides some fancy-looking recipes and articles, Dani runs a popular cooking show on YouTube as well so you can cook alongsideher.

Damn Delicious


As we are getting near the end of our list, we list some of the most beautiful blogs in the food industry. Now we're talking about Damn Delicious, from the author Chungah Rhee.

This blog has everything that a current and quality-made blog should have: a spectacular imagery, beautiful design, tasty recipes and quality healthy ingredients that will make your mouth water.

Chungah and her blog have been featured in many popular publications like BuzzFeed, which proofs enough how incredible this site is.


If you're fit or aspire to be fit & healthy, you can't go wrong with The Fit Foodie. A blogger named Sally is all about being healthy, fit, stylish, aspirational and influential. Whatever your goal is or mightbe, this website can help you.

From practical tips on nutrition, workouts, wellness, and health, to real examples and popular lists of amazing healthy stuff, The Fit Foodie will guide you on your path of becoming healthier, nourished, and happy version of yourself.

Sally is an author on several health publications and an ambassador of Jamie Olivers Food Revolution.​

I Am a Food Blog


"Made with heart and potatoes."The multiple colored hair on the girl named Stephanie is one of the things you'll notice here besides the impressive imagery and a bit odd, yet minimalistic masonry design. I Am a Food Blog is an entity of its own, by the way. If you haven't known that, be sure to check it out.

As they state: " I am a Food Blog celebrates the awesomeness of food. Whether its a bowl of ramen from a nondescript counter in Tokyo to making an extravagant Afternoon Beer feast for the first (or second) time, you'll find it all here."

Final Thought


We foodies should stick together, and share amazing tips to grow our community. There are millionsof sites online to spend time on; you only need to look.

We all want the best for ourselves, and we hope we brought some new and exciting blogs that will tingle your senses and ultimately, your tastebuds.

The chances are that you've heard for at least some of them, and if not, you have a fantastic resource of quality food blogs that you need to follow.

We tried our best to list you the best out ofthe best, and we hope you'll find your new favorite blog here. Happy immersing into glorious food! Bon appetite!

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  1. Hello Paula,
    Just want to say a big thank you for including me in this impressive list of food blogs. I’m honoured to be in such good company. Love your site BTW. It’s diverse and interesting and I’ll come back again to see what you’re doing.

    Once again, many thanks.
    The Finer Cookie

    • Hi Kim,

      You’re welcome! It is also such a great pleasure to have your awesome site here 🙂

      Thank you for the feedback and encouraging words! It keeps me motivated to have this site much better and an informative one.


  2. Hi Paula, I was so excited to see my blog included in this list! THANK YOU! And I’m in such good company — I love so many of these sites and visit them regularly. So happy to learn about you and your site, too! 🙂

    • My pleasure, Valentina and thank you for the kind words 🙂 More than happy to have you here as well! Glad to know you love the ones on our Top Bloggers List.


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