The Worst Chocolate Chip Cookie – What it is and How to Make it

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Chocolate chip cookie is a popular dessert. It contains chocolate chips, which are called happy food. Chocolate chip cookie was accidentally created and an entire planet went crazy about it. The best part is that it takes just a little effort to make chocolate chip cookies at home.

You and the person you are most comfortable with might be having many things in common, which is why you feel comfortable around them. The taste of music, similar habits, and many more activities, add up to this list.

One such item that creates bonds and keeps them everlasting is the widely popular delicious dessert, the chocolate chip cookie. Individuals of all age groups love this dessert. It has its charm that gets spread when someone takes even a tiny bite.

Why the worst chocolate chip cookie recipe? The answer is just a bit ahead. If you have landed here while finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, we have something in store for you! So, follow us till the end.

A note of caution! If you love your near and dear ones and don't want to lose them, we recommend not going beyond this line. Your relationships might get ruined!

Why the worst Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

The worst chocolate chips cookies

If you wonder why we have kept the title as the worst chocolate chip cookie recipe, here is a simple answer to it.

Chocolate is an irresistible food item that nobody can say no to. It is that food that is consumed and appreciated in all its forms.

How can it go wrong then? Technically it cannot, but it can bring a lot of changes in you. These chocolate cookies about which we will be discussing in this article, are addictive and delicious.

You have one bite, and you fall in love as it has hypnotized you! The recipe here produces the best chocolate chip cookie that will make you go mad.

The texture, aroma, and taste, when blended, will ruin your entire life and relationships, for you will not like to stay around those who offer you some other cookies. Don't believe us? In a short while, you will witness it through your eyes.

Even though cookies are meant to be the same whichever recipe you follow, these cuties here will change your perception in no time.

Some people like them crisp, while some want them chewy and slowly melting in the mouth so that they can savor it for long. The recipe here will seek your attention, overpower your senses and make you rant its name forever.

The cookies' intriguing elements make them worth consuming, and you slowly move into a trance with their taste and flavor. Moreover, the secret ingredient that goes in it makes it more overwhelming and turns heads.

Do you want to know what that secret ingredient is? It is the maple syrup that makes all the difference and whispers magic into this sinful kind.

Due to the caramelized flavor and chewy texture that the maple syrup lends it, every bite enraptures you and tingles your sensory nerves.

This recipe here makes the best and worst cookies that anyone can give up life for. The intensity is such that you travel to another parallel universe without any time machine in existence.

Chocolate chip cookies are known for their mood elevation property because they have chocolate, which secretes the happy hormones. When blended with such intriguing flavors, the cookies become much more bewitching and pull you into the bubble that separates you from everyone outside it.  

A sinfully delicious recipe for ruining your life entirely

Cookies and milk

Are you still clinging to your grandma's cookie recipe?! For God's sake...

We recommend you ditch it and move on, for there are a lot of choices out there. Out of the thousands of recipes floating in the market, the one mentioned here is entirely different, as stated above.

While you prepare and consume them, you will not know it, but they will be trapping and relishing every bite out of you like you are their prey for that evening.

It sounds obnoxious, right? However, it is the truth that no one can deny.

Make sure you are ready to give up your life, social circle, yoga pants, and beautiful dresses to indulge in these unique cookies because they won't spare you once you make them yours.

They will slowly embrace you so that you fall in love, and then as this bond gets more profound, they will impose their firm control on you and take away everything.

First, they attack the senses, then creep up slowly to bulge out your food baby.

Their next target is the long muscles, which grow in size with each bite, and the only thing left is to conquer the entire system and make it theirs.

You walk out of your bed, move unconsciously to the kitchen, open the cookie jar and start nibbling without knowing what is happening!

It is the magic of these cookies and their control that you keep returning to them every time. If you wish to give up on them, their gentle whispers will keep calling you back, and this time you cannot resist.

The worst thing is, you can effortlessly make them at home whenever there are no more to consume, and this chain continues every day because they ensure you never get enough out of them and stick around.

Only a mixing bowl with a spoon is enough to strengthen this diminishing trance and keep your mind away from the activities around you. Their trap never lets you free once you get near them and step into their world.

There is a gap of at least one hour when you can sneak out of this trap without them noticing, but your habit of tasting the batter and scraping the dried leftovers from the previous batch works in their favor and not yours.  

If you are already on this stage, you cannot return to the everyday recipes, which are the good ones. You cannot return to your friends with whom you shared your childhood and adolescence. Those days are gone when a sniff of freshly baked cookies thrilled you, and you started drooling.

Tell your friends and family to not fall in this sinful trap because you have already become a victim who can never taste Grandma's cookies again with the same love!

Those excellent cookies give you immense pleasure, but these cookies here will extract that pleasure from you. Now that you have no choice of returning knowing this recipe will pose no threats to you. 

Let us look at the recipe and watch them ruining us with utmost love...

The Worst Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


  •  Unsalted melted butter – 1 cup
  •  Eggs – 2
  •  Granulated sugar – ½ cup
  •  Maple syrup – ¼ cup
  •  Brown sugar – 1 + ½ cup
  •  All-purpose flour – 3 + ¼ cup
  •  Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon
  •  Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  •  Cornstarch – 2 teaspoons
  •  Chocolate chips – 2 cups
  •  Salt – 1 teaspoon
  •  Baking powder – 1 teaspoon


  • Cookie sheet to align the cookies and keep them on the baking tray to prevent them from sticking.
  • Two mixing bowls for both dry and liquid mixes so that the batter is formed appropriately without any lumps.
  • Spoon or ladle for stirring the mix.
  • A sieve to remove the lumps from the flour and provide a refined mix.


  • Take one of the bowls and pour both variants of the sugar and melted butter. Mix them well until the sugar granules melt and infuse into the butter.
  • Keep stirring the mix and add the eggs. Crack one egg at a time to prevent lump formation and mix the ingredients well so that the batter is smooth and the components don't stay separated.
  • Now, add the vanilla extract and maple syrup into the mix and stir well with the spoon.
  • Take the second bowl to mix the dry ingredients while the liquids rest and infuse their flavors.
  • In this bowl, add all the dry ingredients like cornstarch, all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
  • Add this dry mix into the bowl containing the liquid mixture gradually and slowly to prevent lump formation. Also, use a sieve while adding the dry mix into the liquid one.
  • Use the folding technique to mix the components and not stir it as you do with other ingredients. Stirring the mix enables the air to enter the batter and makes the cookies more fluffy.
  • Stir the mix till everything is mixed well. Remove the lumps if formed to get a smooth, running batter.
  • After everything is perfectly mixed, add the chocolate chips using your hand and do not stir too much, or else the chips will melt.
  • Once the chocolate chips are added, use a clear wrap and cover the bowl. Leave the bowl for 30 minutes minimum so that the batter chills while you nibble on to the leftovers on the jar.
  • At this stage, you can start to preheat your oven to prepare the batter to rise well and produce immensely delicious cookies.
  • You should set the temperature at 175C while the batter is covered. Now bring the cookie sheet and prep it for use. Line these sheets in the baking tray and keep them ready for use.
  • After the 30 minutes is over, remove the cover from the bowl and use your spoon or an ice-cream scoop to shape the batter into small balls of equal size.
  • Align these balls equidistant from each other so that they have enough space to rise and get wide due to the activation of baking soda that gives out carbon dioxide, due to which the cookies become fluffy.
  • Put the baking tray with the raw cookies in it inside the oven for baking. The ideal baking time for these worse cookies is 13 minutes. However, it may vary depending on the type of oven you are using.
  • Once the cookies become golden brown, take the tray out of the oven and let the cookies cool for the next 10 to 15 minutes.

Your cookies are ready and life as you know it is about to end!

homemade cookies

Tips and tricks that make the temptation more toxic

You need to keep in mind that the key to the worst cookie is the worst butter at its ideal temperature. It should be hot enough to make the cookie good, but you need to have it a bit cooler since it has to be the worst.

Cut the butter into small pieces and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds. While it softens a bit, allow the pieces to cool down at least for 5 minutes to maintain the worst cookie’s ideal temperature, or else the batter will become quite runny.

The next tip is that you should not miss the maple syrup at any cost. It is this syrup that makes the worst cookies worse. If these cookies' empowering component is overlooked, they will turn into good guys and won't remain the evil characters.

If you use other substitutes like honey and corn syrup, you are likely to get a good taste and flavor, but these syrups won't lend that "negative character" to this bad guy who gets its power through the maple syrup only. So, this ingredient has to be used at any cost.

The end to an irresistible saga of addictive love

While many good recipes will help you make good cookies for consumption, they will let you consume them instead of empowering you. This lack of efficiency is filled with the worst chocolate cookie recipe that empowers your senses and your soul.

Once you step into the trap, there is no way out because you land in a world where your brain stops working and you do what you are told. The sweet aroma of the good cookies won't tingle your nasal hair, for they are being controlled with the toxic scent of this worst chocolate chip cookie in your hand.

Since you are not likely to come out of this world you unknowingly enter, there is no other option than to make the best out of what you are left with.

So, leave all your worries about the world! Indulge in these cookies made using the worst chocolate cookie recipe and watch yourself traveling more profound into the focal point of this sinful cookie trance. 

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