Best 30-Inch Gas Ranges 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Looking for the best 30-inch gas range for your kitchen? If you're flustered by the vast number of options you have, you're not alone. Fortunately, you've already made two important decisions: You want a 30-inch range and gas induction. That's a good start.

From here, you'll need to consider installation type, whether you want added features, and your desired price point and overall quality. Even by narrowing these choices, you have many decisions ahead of you!

To help you make your final selection, I've narrowed the field to the top 5 best 30-inch gas ranges on the market. Before we get to that, let's talk about what will factor into your decision.


How To Nail The Best Value For Your Gas Range

You want a stellar gas range with features that you'll love and use. But why shell out for all those bells and whistles you don't care about? In order to know the good from the bad and the useful from the useless, I'll help you get familiar with the options that lay before you.

Required Hook-up For Gas Ranges

A specific hook-up in your home is required when you opt for a gas range. Namely, you'll need a gas line that runs to your house. Be sure to check that one exists before investing in a new gas range.

How Hot Should Your Range Get?


Gas burners will often get hotter than many electric alternatives. However, top chefs overwhelmingly prefer gas stoves because judging the temperature of a burner is made much easier with an open flame, and the heat is also instantaneous with gas.

As you read through the specs of prospective ranges, keep in mind that burner capacity will be measured by Btu per hour, or British thermal unit.

The highest output you can purchase for a burner is 20,000 Btu, but the majority of homes don't need this much heat in their kitchens. It really depends on how much cooking you'll be doing and what you'll be cooking, but most of the time, you'll do fine with burners ranging from 5,000 Btu to 12,000 Btu.

Most ranges have 4 burners in various sizes. Typically, this is the layout you'll see:

  • One small burner at ~5,000 Btu.
  • One or two medium burners at ~9,000 Btu.
  • One or two large burners at ~12,000 Btu.

Slide-In Or Freestanding Range

One of the first things to decide is whether you want a slide-in or freestanding range. As the name suggests, slide-in ranges can slide right into place and blend in seamlessly with cabinets, but freestanding ranges are even easier to install and tend to be more popular.

Slide-in ranges have the oven controls on the front of the range at waist level while the back panel holds controls for a freestanding range.

Capacity Of The Oven

Next, consider the capacity of your oven. If you tend to entertain frequently, opt for a roomier oven of at least 3 cubic feet. Otherwise, going smaller with a 2-cubic-foot capacity will be fine.

There's also a double oven option, which normally features one large and one small oven. I like this type of oven as I find that the small oven is useful when I only need to heat up something pre-cooked or make one pizza in the broiler.

If you're considering whether to buy an 30-Inch Gas Ranges with a simple oven or to purchase an oven for baking. You should read my 2 articles below:

Additional Features

If you cook and bake a lot, added features are going to be beneficial, but they do come at a price. Fortunately, you've chosen to purchase a gas range, and in the long run, this will save you money.

Multiple functions: Today, most ranges already come with a self-cleaning oven and multiple functions on the timer and controls panel.

More advanced and expensive models may have features such as fast water heating, useful split racks, heavy-duty roll-out racks, warming drawers, preset menus, advanced convection cooking and dishwasher-safe removable parts.

Fifth burner: There is also the option of having a fifth burner on your range. Most four-burner ranges have an empty space in the middle where you can set a spoon rest, but it is possible to have a fifth burner there.

In addition, the normally empty space in the middle of your range may be taken up by a removable stovetop griddle that either stands alone or straddles several burners for more surface area. If you're looking for a more professional range, this burner might be extra hot at up to 20,000 Btu for special cooking purposes.

Children Safety Lock: A feature that many parents will appreciate is the control lockout, which allows you to disable the controls. If you have small children in the house and are looking to purchase a range with controls on the front of the range, this feature may be a lifesaver, literally.

Aesthetics And Appeal

Once your basic needs have been met and you're happy with the features, you have some options when it comes to aesthetics in your choice of color and metal.

These days, almost all ranges come with a chrome and stainless steel finish, which looks sleek and modern. However, this finish can get smudgy from fingerprints very fast, so a "smudge-proof" finish may be appealing.

You should consider how big you want your oven windows to be as well. Larger windows tend to be better for seeing your work in progress, but they may release more heat into your kitchen.

Finally, consider how cluttered you want the look of your control panel to be in relation to the functions you want it to have.

This freestanding range from LG comes in a bright-toned stainless steel. The unit offers a great overall value because the price is standard for most quality ranges, yet you get a double oven, which is usually reserved for more expensive top-of-the-line models.

With the double oven, you have a smaller oven on top and a broiler option as well as an oven with a larger capacity on the bottom. The bottom oven also features an Evenjet Convection fan for balanced and even cooking and baking.

The five-burner top allows for more cooking capabilities, including an optional griddle top for added adaptability.


  • There is an additional fifth sealed burner in the middle of the range.
  • A double oven makes for easy, simultaneous cooking of multiple items at different temperatures.
  • There is a broiler in the top oven.
  • The self-cleaning option helps remove grime and spills on the interior.
  • The ovens feature convection roasting and baking settings.


  • There is no storage drawer for pans and baking sheets because of the dual ovens.
  • The division of drawers may restrict the cooking of larger oven items, such as turkeys.

This slide-in, stainless steel, overlapping gas range from General Electric has dual ovens for ease of use when cooking small dishes and when cooking many dishes at a time.

The oven features complete self-cleaning with two flat self-clean racks and one self-clean roller rack. The upper oven has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, and the lower oven has a 4.3-cubic-foot capacity.

There are 5 burners on the range, and in a more professional capacity, the front left burner can reach up to 20,000 Btu for a Power Boil setting. The left rear burner offers a Precise Simmer setting at 5,000 Btu. When operating the controls, there is a glass touchscreen.


  • Dual ovens under the gas range provide flexibility when cooking multiple dishes.
  • An additional center range gives you more cooking space.
  • A burner featured reaches a professional level of 20,000 Btu.
  • The front controls with a touchscreen are sleek and modern.


  • This oven is more expensive than other competitive models.
  • The overlap range may not work with all countertops.

This slide-in range in stainless steel is sleek and appealing to the eye. The range features 5 burners for simultaneous cooking, and there is an attachable, reversible, cast iron griddle for the center.

On the front of the range, an LCD touch screen comes with Guiding Light controls, which offer easy, step-by-step instructions for cooking great meals.

The oven has a huge capacity of 5.8 cubic feet and features True Convection, a technology designed for more even cooking.

A heated fan system helps improve both baking and broiling. The large capacity of the oven makes it great for people who often entertain big groups, and there is a warming drawer with three levels of low heat.


  • The large capacity oven features True Convection so that dishes are cooked evenly.
  • A warming drawer with 3 levels of heat let you cook dishes ahead of time and keep them ready to serve.
  • The LCD touchscreen with Guiding Light controls is a high-tech feature.


  • The center griddle burner is low heat and not suitable for serious grilling.
  • The stainless steel top may be prone to fingerprint and oil smudges.

This freestanding gas range from Frigidaire has a professional look with its chrome Smudge Proof finish and 5 burners on the range. When you want to do some char grilling or need to heat a large pan, use the oval-shaped burner in the center of the range. Its maximum output is 17,000 Btu.

The digital control panel on the front of the range is sleek and useful with individualized cooking settings. For example, use the Effortless Temperature Probe to set the desired finished temperature and then receive an alert once that temperature has been reached.

The oven contains a drawer for storage as well as a self-cleaning function. Unfortunately, there is no warmer.


  • The oven has a large capacity of 5 cubic feet.
  • The True Convection cooking feature heats food evenly.
  • A drawer for storage holds pans and baking sheets when not in use.
  • The sleek, black ceramic cooking top complements most kitchens.
  • A Smudge Proof finish protects against fingerprints.
  • The oven has a self-cleaning option.


  • The digital control panels may be less reliable over time as spills and continual use can wear out the functions faster than the oven itself gets worn out.
  • The black top may show spills and stains.

This stainless steel gas slide-in sealed burner range from Bosch slips right onto countertops to appear seamless and flush with cabinetry.

It's a heavy-duty model that appears sleek and professional with large metal knobs and a sizable capacity of 4.8 cubic feet in the oven, perfect for cooking those big holiday meals.

You'll find both big burners at the front of the range. The additional center burner can reach up to 18,000 Btu for boiling pots and searing food on hot pans. The high heat capacity cuts down on boiling and cooking times overall.

There are 9 separate cooking modes in all, so you'll be able to make all of your favorite recipes.


  • This self-cleaning oven has 4.6 cubic feet of space inside.
  • An additional fifth burner reaches 18,000 Btu.
  • The oven features convention technology for even cooking.
  • A warming drawer keeps pre-made dishes hot and ready to eat when entertaining.


  • Having both large burners at the front of the range may be a downside to cooks who prefer one small and one large burner in front.
  • The oven door springs may have limited strength over time.
  • This oven costs slightly more than its competitors for what you're getting.

The Best 30-Inch Gas Range For Your Buck

These 5 options have their own merits, but the LG Freestanding Gas Range in Stainless Steel is our clear winner.

With its mid-range price, you'd think there would be no bells and whistles, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of additional features that make cooking and baking much easier.

My favorite feature is the double oven, which saves preheating time, allows you to cook two things at once and offers a warming area for dishes that have finished cooking. The double oven can even save you money on energy costs.

The LG Freestanding Range also has Evenjet Convection with that bonus fifth burner on top. Overall, it gives you a great bang for your buck.

Do you know what gas range you're ready to buy? I hope this guide has been helpful. Please put your comments below, and if you liked the post, feel free to share!

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