Planning The Ultimate Foodie Road Trip In New York City

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New York City is a favorite among foodies, as it’s where you can find the most interesting culinary scene in the world. With  over 60 million visitors heading to the Big Apple every year, everyone involved in the food industry - from gourmet restaurants to innovative food trucks - continue to step up their game to create a diverse and ever-evolving food culture in the city. If you’re planning to go on a foodie road trip next year, make NYC your food adventure destination in 2020. Not only are you guaranteed to have  access to tasty eats, but you’re also bound to have an amazing time in the city that never sleeps. Here’s how to plan the ultimate foodie road trip in New York City.

Hit the road and try some street food

Before heading to NYC, you’ll need to choose the right vehicle for your trip. However, don’t just pick one for its looks: you need to know the  differences in features and performance of each make and model to make an informed decision. As you can expect to deal with moderate to heavy traffic in some parts of the city, as well as experience some challenges when finding a parking spot, it may be best to go with a conventional car or a compact SUV for your road trip for a smooth and  hassle-free driving experience.

Now that you’ve sorted out your ride, head to the best street food locations in the city for cheap yet delicious fare. Craving South Indian food? Then head to the southwest side of Washington Square Park for dosas and samosas from the NY Dosas cart. If you want Filipino lumpia, you can get it from Lumpia Shack at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, if you need to have an authentic NYC hotdog, just head to Manhattan and you’ll see hot dog stands in almost every corner. Food trucks can also be found all over the city, so rest assured that you’ll never be hungry wherever you go.

Sample eclectic eats

One of the best ways to expand your food knowledge is by tasting different cuisines from all over the world. Head to Chinatown in Manhattan for the most authentic Asian food, and you’ll find places like Noh Wah Tea Parlor, which is one of NYC’s first dimsum restaurants. If you want to visit a diverse foodie destination, then you can’t go wrong with Harlem, as it’s where you can find restaurants that serve Japanese (Sushi Inoue), Puerto Rican (Tropical Grill), Italian (Babbalucci), and Ethiopian (Abyssinia) dishes, among others.

Book a food tour

If you’d rather go on an organized food tour, you can head to Williamsburg and join the Williamsburg Bites food tour, which will enable you to experience the trendiest and hippest food scenes in NYC. For the best pizzas in town, book a spot to join the New York Pizza Walk, where you can sample some of the best slices from pizzerias in Greenwich Village and Little Italy.

New York City is the place to be if you want to sample some of the most iconic foods in the world. Head to the Big Apple for your next foodie road trip, and savor every bite!

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