5 Healthy (and Cute) Lunch Ideas

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As a college student, you need to find ways to stay healthy. Cute lunch ideas that are fun to prepare are the perfect motivation you need to eat healthy meals. Whether you have a class in the next 30 minutes or you’re free for the day, you can always whip up a healthy meal to keep you energized. 

If you're a food blogger, making cute lunch ideas helps you find content for your website, as well. You can't possibly be a food blogger when you're eating unhealthily. 

In case you’re having a hard time staying healthy, surround yourself with students who eat healthily. If you’re always in the company of students who eat junk food, you’re likely to start eating junk food as well. 

Going to fast food joints seems convenient, but the toll it takes on your health is unimaginable. You're better off taking 30 minutes on a meal that will energize you and ensure you concentrate during your next lecture. 

Even if you’re working on school essays, do not eat junk food with the assumption you don’t need to concentrate as much as you usually do during class. Making excuses to eat junk food when you’re having a free day is how to slip into bad eating habits. 

Here are five healthy and cute lunch ideas you should consider trying out. 

  1. Beef Salad

If you love to eat out, you should definitely try out a beef salad. This is a healthy lunch meal that will fill you just enough to ensure you don't sleep through the entire lecture.

You could always prepare it at home using this recipe. The beef salad makes for an excellent family meal because it's yummy and healthy. Nothing beats sharing a meal with the family after being in school for a while.

  1. Spicy Avocado Wraps

The health benefits of avocado are endless. Avocado does not only provide you with healthy fats, but it also gets you full quickly. This is a quick lunch meal that you can whip up in your dorm room within minutes. 

All you’ll need is tortilla wraps, pan-fried vegetables, and seasoning. This is an excellent vegan lunch idea that’s both yummy and spicy.

  1. Beef and Mashed Potatoes

If you love potatoes in all shapes and forms, this is an excellent idea for you. If you have an oven, you can roast the beef under low heat to ensure it’s well cooked. Potatoe is quite easy to prepare because all you'll need is potatoes, olive oil, salt, and onions. 

  1. Spicy Chicken and Rice

Chicken is so much fun to prepare because there are so many ways of doing it. You can choose to have plain rice or boil it with carrots to give it color. Make sure the chicken is well cooked and that it's also well-salted, so you don't have to add salt when you're eating.

  1. Fruit Salad

This is the easiest lunch to prepare so far. The beauty of fruit salad is that there is no limit to how many fruits you can include. If you don’t have fruits in stock, you can always buy fruit salad from an affordable fruit vendor. Make sure the fruits they use are fresh and clean.

Now that you have five amazing lunch ideas, you have no excuse for eating unhealthily on campus. 

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