How To Cook Filet Mignon In A Nonstick Pan. Pro Tips

Filet mignon is one of the most delicious beef steaks in restaurants worldwide. It is also the costliest cut of beef. Cooking filet mignon at home is an excellent idea as it will save you a lot of money. And here is how to cook filet mignon in a nonstick pan.

Restaurants sell an 8oz of filet mignon for $30 to $40, while cooking the same at home can cost you around $7. So, it is more economical to cook filet mignon at home. But wait, can you cook it at home like a pro? 

Yes, you can! In this article, we shall share some tips and tricks to cook filet mignon in a nonstick pan at home, just like chefs in restaurants.

How to Cook Filet Mignon in a Nonstick Pan?

Cooking a filet mignon in a nonstick pan is not ideal for cooking a steak. Ideally, steaks need to be cooked in a preheated, very hot pan to get the proper sear that locks in the juicy flavor. 

Nonstick pans have a Teflon coating that begins to break down as soon as the temperatures reach 570 Degrees Fahrenheit and above. 

But if you do not have any other utensils at home, here are some tips for cooking a filet mignon in a nonstick pan.


Cooking a Filet Mignon in a Nonstick Pan

  • Heat the oil in a nonstick pan. 
  • Keep the heat at medium-high.
  • Add the steak when the pan is hot. 
  • Let it sear for 4 minutes. Do not turn the steak before 4 minutes.
  • After 4 minutes, flip the mignon to the other side.
  • Remove the steak when cooked from both sides.

Your filet mignon is ready! But before serving the dish, you must let it rest for some time. You should never take meat straight off the grill and serve it. Regardless of how busy a restaurant is, they always let the steaks rest for some time before serving them.

The resting period lets the steak reabsorb the juices evenly. While some chefs recommend 8 minutes, others say 15 minutes is ideal for larger cuts.

Filet Mignon Cooking Times

You can adjust the cooking time of the filet mignon depending on how you like your steak: well-done, rare, or medium. The above cooking instructions are for a medium filet mignon.

A rare filet mignon can be cooked in the same way for 2.5 minutes per side. A medium-rare filet will need 3.5 minutes per side, while a well-done filet mignon will need 7 minutes per side.

You might feel that the one at your favorite restaurant tastes better. That is because they cook filet mignon on the grill.

How To Cook Filet Mignon In A Nonstick Pan

What is the Best Way to Cook Filet Mignon?

The best way to cook filet mignon is on the grill. A cast-iron skillet-seared one also tastes excellent. Some people broil the meat in the oven to get a different flavor.

What is the Best Side Dish for Filet Mignon?

Some side dishes make the best combo with filet mignon. These are:

  • Classic Coleslaw
  • Arugula and Roasted Carrot Salad
  • Sautéed Garlic Green Beans
  • Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob with Garlic Butter
  • Roasted Spring Vegetables
  • Creamy Brussels Sprouts Bake
  • Mushroom Gravy
  • Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Should You Add Salt to Filet Mignon Before Cooking?

It is always recommended to salt the filet before grilling or cooking. However, it is also advised not to salt just before cooking.

The ideal time to salt filet mignon is 40 minutes to an hour before cooking or grilling. This time is apt for the salt to drain out moisture to the surface of the meat. 

Should You Marinate Filet Mignon Before Grilling?

Filet mignon or rib-eye are prime cuts of beef that are pretty flavorful and tender. Adding additional spices can change the flavor and the tenderness of the steak.

Classic grilling cuts like hanger or flank steak can be delicacy when appropriately marinated. 

How To Cook Filet Mignon In A Nonstick Pan

Tips to Cook a Great Steak

  • Always bring your steak to room temperature before cooking.
  • Preheat your cooking surface to hot using a cast-iron skillet, a nonstick pan, or a grilling pan.
  • Season your steak with salt and freshly ground pepper for at least 40 minutes before cooking.
  • Sear each side of the steak on a hot cooking surface.
  • The steak should have a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than that can result in your steak is undercooked. The temperature can increase depending upon your cooking preference to medium-rare, medium, or well-done.
  • Never serve the steak before letting it rest. The resting allows the juices to get reabsorbed.
  • Slice your meat against the grain before serving. 


To conclude, filet mignon tastes best when cooked on a grill. However, cooking in a nonstick pan is not the ideal way to cook a steak because nonstick pans have Teflon coatings that begin to break down as soon as the temperature exceeds 570 Degrees Fahrenheit. Filet mignon needs a very high temperature to be adequately seared.

But, if you do not have other cooking utensils at home, you can use a nonstick pan for cooking a filet mignon, as explained above. 

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