Best Pizza Peel 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Pizzas are very fun to make, how could anyone possibly not enjoy making them? I come from a family who loves to cook and bake, and you won't believe it when I tell you how very particular with our kitchen tools and equipment we are.

We only want the best on the market, and that includes the best pizza peel. Here, we're going to give you tips on finding the best pizza peel to buy for this year and our top picks that's going to be worth the effort of getting them!


What Is A Pizza Peel?

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a tool used to slide a pizza into a hot oven. It's a flat board with a handle where you use the surface to make a small pizza. The materials used for pizza peels can be metal, wood, or composite wood. There are also pizza peels that come in a square shape plus a handle for heat protection.

Some cooks prefer a pizza peel with a long handle, especially those who have a large oven and those who work in commercial kitchens. The long handle may offer extra protection but are not space-saving. However, you may find peels with long handles that are foldable for easy storage.

Types of Pizza Peel

Wood Pizza Peel

wood pizza peel

The aesthetics of a wood pizza peel speaks of tradition and evokes a homey feel, but they tend to warp over time if not thoroughly dried after use. Because of the wood's natural characteristics, they are harder to maintain than the other types of a pizza peel. If not carefully washed or left sitting out after use, the wood may be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Composite Wood Pizza Peels

Composite Wood Pizza Peels

Composite wood pizza peels may be too thick, but they are more stable than the other types. Composite wood pizza peels are made of engineered wood. It's a mixture of wood, plastic, and straw. But is it safe for kitchen use? Most pizza peels made from composite wood are NSF an FDA-approved for food contact.

Metal Pizza Peel

Metal Pizza Peel

The most common type of metal peel is aluminum pizza peel. These peels usually come with a wood handle because metal conducts heat. A wood handle will protect your hands from scalding. The dough tends to stick to a metal surface, so sprinkling the peel with cornmeal or flour is necessary if you want the pizza to slide onto and off the metal pizza peel easily.

How To Use A Pizza Peel

how to use a pizza peel

A baking stone, also called pizza stone, is usually used with a pizza peel. It mimics the temperature of brick ovens and the conditions a pizza go under when inside one. Baking stones can absorb heat from your oven, allowing you to bake bread right on your counter.

How Does It Work?

how does it work

The stone transfers the heat from its surface to your dough. Baking stones or pizza stones also pull moisture from the dough, giving it a crisp bottom crust. If you're using a pizza stone with your pizza peel, then pre-heat your oven with the pizza stone inside until the temperature reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use the waiting time to prepare your pizza on your pizza peel. Make sure you don't form the dough too big for the peel, and that you have sprinkled the latter evenly with cornmeal or flour.

To prevent the sauce from spilling, fold up your dough's edges, which can also add to the aesthetic value of the pizza. Did you notice some bubbles on your pizza when you baked before? Use yeast crust and prick the dough to prevent bubbles. Now, brush the crust with olive oil, and then add your favorite pizza toppings.

Did You Know?

do you know

#1 - If you let the dough rise too long, you'll get an earthy flavor caused by the alcohols released by the yeast. The longer you leave the dough to rise, the more that odd flavor becomes pronounced.

#2 - There's no need for theatric dough tossing. Simply use your fingers to press and stretch the dough ball, so you form a nice flat round.

#3 - If you want a bubbling top on your pizza, pre-heat your oven for at least 30 minutes before sliding the pizza into the oven. Turn the broiler on and cook for five minutes.

Most Recommended Pizza Peels for 2017

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Pizza Royale 5☆ Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6-inch x 12 inches


If you keep getting splinters from washing your pizza peels, then get the Pizza Royale 5. This epicurean oil-finished pizza peel won't split nor warp when properly maintained. The Pizza Royale 5 Pizza Peel is made from anti-microbial reinforced bamboo, hence its strength. This versatile kitchen tool is fast becoming a kitchen staple in American kitchens.

Because it's made of a natural element, it's likely prone to bacteria when not properly washed and stored. However, the Pizza Royale 5 has anti-microbial properties to counter this natural threat. It's also non-toxic and eco-friendly. The handle? It's comfortable and sturdy. Just look at the contoured design.


Editor's Rating: 98/100


  • Made from reinforced bamboo
  • Have anti-microbial properties
  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly materials used
  • Easy grip and contoured handle
  • Warp-free and does not split180-day guarantee
  • Product dimension: 19.6 x 12 x 0.6 inches


  • May be too thin for others' liking
  • May be prone to bacterial contamination if not maintained properly

Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel, Luxury Paddle for Baking Homemade Pizza and Bread, Great for Cheese Board, Platter, Charcuterie Board

The Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is timeless. Its simple design, rich colors, and function makes it a favorite among artisan bread makers and pizza parlors. Even the patina is beautiful, thanks to the mineral oil finish used for the wood. This wood is incredibly durable and aesthetically appealing, that's why most users also use it for serving the pizza.

Because it's made of wood, make you sure of proper care. Don't let the pizza peel sit for long on the counter after each use. Keep in mind that you have to wash it with warm, soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. Do not soak the wooden pizza peel, and don't put it in the dishwasher.


Editor's Rating: 93/100


  • Made from natural Acacia wood
  • Features a tapered edge for easy transfer of pizza
  • Comfortable handle
  • Thick enough not to warp, thin enough to easily slide into the oven
  • Smooth wood, finely sanded
  • Features a mineral oil finish
  • Product dimension: 22.3 x 14.3 x 0.3 inches


  • High maintenance
  • Grease marks can appear after prolonged which can affect aesthetic value

Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle


Use the Kitchen Supply Pizza Peel with a pizza stone, and you're set to have a wonderful pizza experience. This pizza peel is one of the sturdiest peels on the market today. With its 8-inch wooden handle, it keeps your hands out of your extremely hot oven and spares you from accidental scalds and burns. The wooden handle helps make pizza making comfortable and convenient.

The Kitchen Supply Pizza Peel is made of an aluminum head with rounded corners. The only possible downside to an aluminum pizza peel is that you have to sprinkle the surface with cornmeal every use. This is to prevent the dough from sticking to the metal surface and to let the pizza slide smoothly onto the pizza stone or the oven rack.


Editor's Rating: 88/100


  • Aluminum head
  • Contoured wooden handle for better grip
  • Very sturdy
  • Wide aluminum surface can accommodate bigger pizzas
  • Made in the USAProduct dimension: 28 x 14 x 1.2 inches


  • Tends to warp over time and without proper care
  • The dough will stick without a light coating of cornmeal before use.

Stainless-Steel Pizza Peel


Pizza making is more fun during preparation than actual baking. But what makes pizza making fun is when you have the necessary tools that can help avoid kitchen disasters. The Stainless Steel Pizza Peel by Outset lets you transfer the pizza from peel to stone to peel to plate.

Outset's Stainless Steel Pizza features a rosewood handle and a smooth stainless steel surface. It's one of the smaller pizza peels on the market today, but also one of the favorites. The size is appealing, albeit being small. It lets you serve pizza in small servings. You can even serve the pizza straight from this stainless pizza peel.


Editor's Rating: 85/100


  • Head is made of gleaming stainless steel
  • Handle is made of handsome rosewood
  • May serve personal-sized square pizzas
  • Great for small to medium pizzas
  • Removable handle allows you to wash the spatula in the dishwasher
  • Product dimension: 8 x 6 x 3 inches


  • Not easy to use if you want a round pizza
  • Small size can be cumbersome

CounterArt Bamboo Pizza Peel


The CounterArt Bamboo Pizza Peel is made from Grade An edge-grain natural bamboo. It's one of the most traditional-looking pizza peel "paddles" that many bakers prefer. The front edge is tapered so that the pizza easily slips over the surface. The size is perfect for most home ovens and makes it versatile. You can use this pizza peel for serving appetizers as well.

CounterArt's woodwork was excellent with this pizza peel. They even included a hanging hole at the end of the handle for either display or storage purposes. If you want the traditional pizza paddles, then the CounterArt Bamboo Pizza Peel is your best bet.


Editor's Rating: 81/100


  • Crafted from Grade A edge-grain natural bamboo
  • Classic and traditional design appeals to restaurants and homes
  • Tapered front edge for smooth pizza transfer
  • Versatile can be used for serving other foods
  • Features a hanging hole on the handle
  • Great for medium to large pizzas
  • Product dimension: 20 x 12 x 0.2 inches


  • May be too thick and heavy for small-handed users
  • May be prone to bacterial contamination if not maintained properly

The Winner

best pizza peel the winner


So, what does my picky family swear by? The majority voted for the Pizza Royale 5. We liked how it's made from reinforced bamboo, making it ultra-strong, thanks to bamboo's natural characteristic. It's also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The contoured handle fits our mother's dainty hands so well, and we all loved that we won't have to worry so much about bacteria breeding on the peel's surface.

Is your favorite pizza peel on this list? Feel free to tell us about any other pizza peel that you love! And don't forget to share the article if you found it useful!

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