Top 5 Places To Order An Affordable Cake For Your Party

Any birthday party can be one of the most memorable experiences of their one’s life, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to make it unique. Plenty of supermarket bakeries across the country offer affordable birthday cakes that can be customized to your
taste. Here's a peek at the top five places to get affordable cakes.

1. Walmart Bakery

Your local Walmart bakery produces a wide variety of cakes and designs for any type of party. You can browse their cake catalog online to get a better idea of what they can produce. You can also check the Walmart bakery cake prices to get an idea of what they can offer for a certain fee.  Once you find the cake you're happy with, you can print out and fill out the Cake Order Form on their website and take it to your local Walmart bakery to have the cake made. 

2. Safeway Bakery

Safeway is another popular choice for parents who need to order an affordable cake for their child's parties. Safeway employs cake decorators that lovingly decorate their cakes by hand according to your wishes for your party. They have a variety of blank cakes available for off-the-cuff parties, or you can order your custom cake and pick it up on your special day. 

3. Baskin & Robbins

For something a little bit different but still quite affordable, you might want to consider a Baskin & Robbins ice cream cake. These cakes combine the delicious flavor of Baskin & Robbins' ice cream with a layer of cake that can be customized for any party. Baskin & Robbins ice cream cakes are currently available on the website, so you can place your order anytime. You can also choose to have a custom cake created for your party. Customer’s favorites include the Baseball Cake, Fang-Tastic Monster Cake, and the Polar Bear Cake. 

4. Kroger Bakery

The Kroger bakery is another excellent choice for ordering an affordable cake for your child's birthday. They have the most extensive collection of licensed cakes available of any of the supermarkets on this list, so make sure you try the Kroger deli. 

5. Whole Foods Bakery

For something a little extra special when the price isn't a factor, you might want to consider your local Whole Foods bakery. They have a variety of custom and premium cakes that you won't find at a traditional supermarket like Walmart or Kroger. These special edition cakes include things like a strawberry chiffon cake, vegan chocolate mousse cake, and even a berry chantilly cake for special occasions.
Regardless of which one of these options you choose to order, whether is a licensed cake or something a little bit more professional, supermarket bakeries are professional and design your cake with an eye for detail. Their cake artists are required to have professional training in cake decorating and cursive writing, so you get a cake that's readable and suits your occasion to a tee.

Walmart, Kroger, and Safeway bakeries all offer licensed cakes with favorite cartoon characters like Elsa, Ariel, Marvel superheroes, and more. Be sure to stop by your local bakery and ask to see the cake catalog or browse it online before ordering for your party. Some local bakeries even offer photo cakes, in which you can bring in a favored photograph and have it laid on top of a cake. 

The prices will vary according to the cake customization you want, so consider shopping around and getting quotes from multiple bakeries in your hometown to get the best price for your custom party cake.

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