Top 10 Paleo Diet Blogs That You Should Be Reading By Now (#5 Will Make You Happy!)

Whether you got coaxed into living with it due to its high promotion of improving your health or you’re just a big fan of wild fruits and grass-fed meat in general, the lure of Paleo diet is evidently justified in the long run.

This diet is giving some real results especially regarding the boosting of your overall body composition and metabolic effects. But for those who have just jumped on the bandwagon, the general ideology behind the caveman diet still seems to be a bit overwhelming that they have to resort to frequenting reliable blogs.

If you’re one of them, consider this article as your go-to source as I’ll be outlining the top 10 blogs on Paleo diet.


# 10. Chris Kresser 

chris kresser

If you find your newly founded diet to be a bit daunting and dubious, consider Chris Kresser’s blog as your go-to source.

He offers information that primarily debunks the myths that surround Paleo dieting, and as you go along with his justifications, you’ll find that not all details that are spread by medical establishments and mainstream media outlets are to be believed.

Paleo Leap


Whenever you find Paleo diet a bit too complicated and that you might have already been lost in your queries, Paleo Leap’s mission should be able to address this. It aspires to break down the often overwhelming lifestyle and diet of the Paleolithic era into accessible and applicable pieces of information.

The blog has two programs at the moment: The Paleo Leap Tribe and The Paleo Restart. The former grants you access to visual guides, cheat sheets, extra recipes and tools, and the meal plan generator. Meanwhile, the latter is a form of membership in which It consists of a 30-day program that helps you jumpstart with Paleo and be guided on a daily basis.

Living Loving Paleo


Living Loving Paleo is both inspired and inspirational. You can’t help but join founder and creator Kristen Boehmer’s journey to rediscovering herself since she started to apply the Paleo diet in her life — a decision that changed her life dramatically.

Boehmer’s biggest mission is to impart her knowledge to her readers to ultimately and hopingly save them from their suffering. Meanwhile, the page also features real food recipes and lifestyle tips that should keep you happy and even more driven.

The Paleo Mom


If you want to learn more about the specifics of Paleo diet, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Mom is ready to take that challenge. The award-winning blog is equipped with honest explanations about the science behind the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Moreover, the page provides a strong focus on the modifications for autoimmune disease sufferers and articles that are associated with the practical implementation of this diet.

Ballantyne’s page also covers detailed discussions that are pertinent to Paleo families and kid’s health along with recipes that can accommodate your children's snacks and comfort foods all the way to gourmet dishes.

Stupid Easy Paleo


Stupid Easy Paleo author Steph Gaudreau believes that being healthy, happy and resilient comes from building and balancing the “Four Pillars.” These include eating the nourishing foods, strengthening your body, recharging your energy, and getting your mind right.

She lives by this mantra and hopes to integrate it in her hopes about holistic nutrition and achieving your full potential using the Paleo diet. Gaudreau’s page also features tons of recipes and challenges that gear toward helping women attain their fitness goals.

I Breathe I’m Hungry


I Breathe I’m Hungry is a shameless amalgamation of Instagram and phenomenally low-carb Paleo dieting. It boasts of healthy recipes that are also adorned with gastronomically fantastic photos.

If you’re looking for a blog that is inspired by incredible gluten-free recipes and cookbooks, then this should suit this need. Author Mellissa Sevigny published the Amazon Kindle bestseller “The Gluten Free Low Carber” and several seasonal e-zines.

Mark’s Daily Apple


One of the more heavily referenced figures in Paleo diet, Mark’s Daily Apple is all about how to live a primal lifestyle in today’s often inundated world. Prepare to root for his transformational stories along with the inspirational blog entries.

His most relevant categories include Diet & Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss, Primal Lifestyle or Personal Improvement. The blog also features podcasts and recipes that range from primal-approved breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack delights.

# 3. Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf


If you want an in-depth training about the Paleo diet, this page is solely dedicated for that. As the author of the New York Times Best Selling “The Paleo Solution — The Original Human Diet,” Robb Wolf has already transformed many lives of his readers.

Wolf’s work is accessible through his top-ranked iTunes podcast, books, and seminars. Some of the author’s included categories are celiac & gluten-free, sleep, fitness, weight loss, anti-inflammatory diet, and autoimmunity.

Whenever you’re on a hunt for a blog that does it simple and easy-to-follow, Paleo Plan should be ideal for you. It provides simple meal plans that outline every meal of your week. It also procures shopping lists to aid the readers to ensure that all the needed food are there when they are prepared and made.

Meanwhile, tips and tricks to eating Paleo, shopping and even managing your eating life are also thrown comfortably in the mix. The Paleo Plan is currently run by Neely Quinn and Jason Glaspey and is receiving a contribution from Max Shippee and Molly Pearl.

the paleo diet


The world of Paleolithic dieting won’t be existing without Loren Cordain in the limelight. Considered as the most reliable and revered by all Paleo followers, Cordain is the founder of the Paleo Diet Movement and also the author of the New York Times Best Seller “The Paleo Diet.”

His blog is encompassing almost everything there is to know about Paleo diet. His blog’s categories include Paleo Diet Meal Plans, Paleo Det Basics, Paleo Diet For Weight Loss, and Beginners Diet Plans.

Final thoughts

There are just about a lot of blogs that cater to Paleo diet if one is to peruse the web. However, this streamlined list of top Paleo diet blogs should guide you very well especially if you’ve just begun to unravel the wonder of this incredible diet. Meanwhile, these entries should also accommodate the ones who are already seasoned and well-equipped in this field of dieting.

If you think that another blog is deserving a spot on our list or you just want to share your experience with Paleo diet, please feel free to sound them in the comment section below! Until then, enjoy your newly found diet!

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