11 Sugar-Free Paleo Desserts That Are Quick And Easy To Prepare

Who wouldn’t love sweet and tasty desserts? I love to bake cakes and desserts for my children too. The thing is what if you are following a diet, especially Paleo diet? Desserts made of dairy and carbs are a no-no for Paleo followers. What if I tell you that sugar-free Paleo desserts exist in the darkest corners of the internet? Exciting, right?

Donuts, cookies, cheesecakes, and chocolates, name it. I thought these desserts are unhealthy for us due to their sugar and carbs content but to my surprise, there are recipes on the market that is gluten-free and dairy-free. This post will show a list of sugar-free Paleo desserts that are easy to prepare for your friends and family to enjoy.

This article is relevant to me as the author since I want to gain access to healthy desserts that are Paleo-friendly and I know that you should too. Give these recipes a try!



1. Almond, Apple And Blackberry Moist Skillet Cake

Almond Apple And Blackberry Moist Skillet CakeAlmond

Via atastylovestory.com

This cake is grain free, Paleo-friendly and gluten-free. You may not believe it, but according to Josephine Malene Kofod, this great woman used healthy substitutes from the usual ingredients that most skillet cakes should have.

This delicious cake is perfect for late night dessert cravings without getting the guilt of eating a non-Paleo food. The main contents of the skillet cake are three sweet apples, coconut sugar, blackberries, and almonds.

The nutritional content of this dessert includes 5 grams of protein, 13 grams of fat and 14 grams of carbohydrates which are lower compared to a regular cake that garners almost 40 grams of carbohydrates.If you want to know the ingredients and the step-by-step process of making this great skillet cake, click the link.

2. Avocado Key Lime Cheesecake

Avocado Key Lime Cheesecake

Via barerootgirl.com

Don’t be fooled by this key lime cheesecake because it will surprise you. You just need a few ingredients to make this creamy cheesecake without the additional sugar or carbs. This cheesecake does not include cream cheese. Yes! You heard that right.

The ripe avocado was used as an emulsifying agent rather than cream cheese. To create the filling of the cheesecake, you need to use a blender to mix the ingredients. The results are fantastic since the texture of the filling became thick and creamy.If you want to know the secret on how to make this Key Lime Cheesecake, don’t hesitate to visit this link.

3. Dairy-Free Frozen Hot Chocolate

Dairy Free Frozen Hot Chocolate

Via physicalkitchness.com

A chocolate dessert that is Paleo-friendly? Is that even possible? Yes, it is possible! You can enjoy that sinful chocolate without the hassle of being guilty about it. You can enjoy this treat in three possible ways; warm chocolate, frozen, and ice cream fix.

This single serve dessert is best for those chocolate cravings you might get in the middle of your Paleo diet routine. The ingredients that you need are easy to find. You just need to have a full-fat coconut milk, raw honey, egg white and dark chocolate. The process of making this tasty dessert is easy!

Click this link to gain access to the full step-by-step process of making your own dairy-free frozen hot chocolate.

4. Gingerbread Cookies Topped With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Gingerbread Cookies

Via tasteofhome.com

This excellent combination of cookies and frosting is the best thing we want to see during the holiday season. Gingerbread is often associated with Christmas because of the tradition that we implore. Now, the question is, what about people like you who strictly follow Paleo as diet? Would it be possible for you to bake and eat this dessert?

Worry no more! This related article that I found on the internet has the recipe that you need to create a gluten-free and grain-free gingerbread cookie. The vanilla buttercream frosting will be your finishing touch once you complete the gingerbread cookie.

Visit this link to see the step by step process of making a Paleo-friendly gingerbread cookie with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

5. KIND Bars 2.0

KIND-Bars 2.0

Via primalbitesblog.com

Paleo eaters rejoice! You can now enjoy a healthy and nutritious snack/energy bar while doing your morning exercise. This recipe was made by a lovely woman named Sarah.

The ingredients that you need to make this dessert are almonds, walnuts, pecans, unsweetened coconut, golden raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, orange zest, coconut oil, and honey.

You also need a greased glass baking pan for the bars not to stick after you are done cooking the snack bars.

To know the instructions on how to make this delicious energy bar, click this link.

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes With Tiger Nut Flour (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free)

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Via purelytwins.com

Lo and behold, mint chocolate chip cupcakes! Looks could rather be deceiving for these little bad boys. Amidst the creamy texture and delicious frosting, this cake recipe is healthier and Paleo-friendly than any cupcake you can find on the web.

Tiger nut flour is a fundamental element for this recipe since this powder mixes perfectly with the ingredients. This flour is an excellent source of healthy nutrients and is also allergen free.

If the tiger nut flour is not accessible in your local market, you can use almond or chestnut flour as a substitute if it is gluten-free.You can also try this one at home! Just click this link to obtain another Paleo-friendly recipe that will blow your taste buds.

7. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Via cleaneatingwithadirtymind.com

You could be thinking, is this for real? A chocolate lava cake that is Paleo-friendly? That is ridiculous! I am more than happy to tell you that this is possible.

This recipe is easy and safe to follow since the ingredients that will be used are gluten free and grain free. What more could you ask? You can enjoy the luxury of eating a good tasting dessert. Just click this link to understand better how you can make your chocolate lava cake.

I must warn you that even if this dessert is Paleo, you should eat Paleo desserts in moderation. If things get out of hand, stop eating Paleo desserts and focus more on a strict high-protein diet. Use the Paleo dessert as a reward every occasionally, if you could follow your scheduled Paleo diet.

8. 3 Step No Bake Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bars (Vegan, Paleo)

No bake chocolate cashew bars

Via cottercrunch.com

These no bake chocolate bars will leave you breathless! This snack bar is a perfect alternative snack for Paleo practitioners especially if you are always on the go. The recipe is somewhat astounding since you don’t need any oil or flour. The ingredients are straightforward and healthy.

You can do this from the comfort of your home! You can resort to this dessert if you want a tasty treat after eating a high-protein breakfast. Three steps are all you need. Chop the ingredients using a food processor, press the mixture into a pan, and melt a dark chocolate that will serve as a finishing touch.

Click this link to obtain more information on how to make these awesome snack bars. Enjoy!

9. No Bake Chocolate Banana Tart (Gluten Free, Vegan, and Paleo)

No Bake Chocolate Banana Tart

Via bakerita.com

Another no bake recipe that you can add to your arsenal of sugar-free Paleo desserts. This recipe contains only five ingredients. Is simplicity the best? Mix and match these ingredients, and you can make the best chocolate banana tart. The good news is that it is beneficial to your body.

The filling is made of chocolate ganache. A chocolate ganache is a mixture of dark chocolate and non-dairy milk. You can use any cream or milk but make sure that it is not prohibited under the Paleo diet. Discipline is necessary here my dear readers.

To get the list of the ingredients and know the step-by-step process of making the banana tart, click this link here.

10. No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Jars

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Jars

Via cleaneatingwithadirtymind.com

This no bake cheesecake is the third no bake recipe that I have on this list. I am guilty of being lazy in the kitchen. These kinds of recipes are my weakness. No bake desserts for the win!Use coconut cream or milk as a substitute for cream cheese. You probably saw a lot of coconut milk and cream on most of the recipes because this is a great alternative if we want to avoid sugar and carbs.

Feel free to be creative and tweak this recipe. Visit this link to get a glimpse of how you can create your fabulous and gluten free strawberry cheesecake jars.

11. Healthy Donuts With Cashew Cinnamon Glaze

Donuts With Cashew Cinnamon Glaze

Via oddbake.com

The last sugar-free Paleo dessert on my list is this healthy and scrumptious donut with Cinnamon Glaze. This donut has the best texture you can see on a donut due to its dense nature. You have the option to substitute peanut butter for cashew butter.

The process is quick and easy to make! Perfect for those who are new to the kitchen but want to make a healthy dessert for the family. There are a lot of reviews about this recipe, and I can promise you that you won’t regret this one.

Visit this link to gain more experience in making this fabulous dessert. Make sure that you follow the instructions and practice baking at home.

To Sum It All Up

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You can also check out this YouTube video for more Paleo-friendly desserts. Enjoy making these desserts and have a good tummy! Sugar-free Paleo desserts for the win!

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