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Meat Class

Meat is a common ingredient when it comes to cooking. It is an essential part of ourdiet, and it is our primary source of protein. It has become a staple part of our everyday meals and is popular across the world.

There are main guidelines and processes when it comes to preparing and cooking meat. This class is intended to those of you who love to cook and enjoy meat dishes.

There are a lot of ways on how we can cook our meat products. It usually depends on whatdish we are going to make.

To make sure that we will be knowledgeable enough to cook meat the best way there is, we prepared a list on how we can cook meat and the step-by-step guidelines on how to do it.

Moist Heat Cooking Methods For Cooking Meat

These methods are used if we want to soften up tough meats like pork and beef. We will discuss each method of moist heat cooking in detail to make sure we know when to use that method for the dish that we want to serve.

Also, take note of the cuts that the butcher will give you since you can request for additional fat content since this will enhance the flavor of your dish and will make sure that your dish will not get dry once cooked.



Braising or pot roasting is commonly used for pork and beef dishes.

It is the method of cooking the meat slowly in a covered dish and is also best served with vegetables. Braising is also a variant of stewing.



Boiling is the most basic method of moist cooking, commonly used to make sure that tough meat is soft enough to be cooked in another method.

This is usually the first part of cooking meat before frying it or putting it on a grill.

Pressure Cooking

Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooking is almost the same as boiling except we use steam to cook our meat. Pressure cooking is another technique to make sure that the tough meat will become soft enough to eat.

Meats should have spices inside it while using a pressure cooker to make sure that the flavor of the meat and spice will mix.



Stewing is a method most familiar to those who wanted to create soupy kind of dishes. The meat is placed inside a pot and is cooked over low heat for a longer time.

Stewing is ideal for those who are on a tight budget since the most meat used for stews is inexpensive.

Another bonus is the fat content of the meat that we can bring out since it acts as a broth for the whole dish itself.

These methods are used when we want to achieve that savory taste from the fat of the meat since it exhumes the fat content of the meat into the water and creates that lovely flavor. It also adds more saltiness to the stew and soup dishes as well.

Dry Heat Methods For Cooking Meat

Dry heat cooking methods are mostly used for tender slices of meat. These methods are common amongst people and are the easier ones to do.

The methods listed below are also linked to best-related articles so you might also want to check them out to know more about each technique.



Barbecues are mostly done in our backyard since we use coals to cook our meat.

There is acommon misconception between barbecuing and grilling, but we know that it's almost the same thing.

The main difference are the tools that we use when we barbecue or grill.



Broiling should be done on high heat and the cooking time is very short. We just need to take note that there is a high risk that the inside of the meat will be raw when we use this method.

To avoid that, we need to switch the meat downside up continuously.

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Grilling is a dry heat method of cooking meat by putting the meat on top of a hot flatsurface.

Grilling is almost the same as barbecuing but the tools used are themain difference.

Pan Frying

Pan Frying

Pan frying is common to those of us who enjoy fried chicken and meat.

Put the meat on topof a pan, put some seasoning on it, and cook until ready to serve.



This method is commonly used on Thanksgiving since most people cook turkeys this way.

The turkey is usually stuffed with ingredients and roasted in an oven.



This method is usually done by putting in some onions and garlic in the frying pan before adding the meat.

This process is quick and easy to do. Just remember that constant mixing is significant to avoid overcooking the meat.

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