How Long Does Garlic Last After Being Harvested? Learn 5 Ways To Preserve It

Are you a garlic lover? If so, you know that, like salt and pepper, garlic adds vitality and interest to many dishes. From beefsteaks and broiled chicken to fresh fish and salads, foods just wouldn't taste the same without that delightful and special aromatic called garlic.

Now, you may be wondering how long does garlic last so that you can determine how much of it to buy at the grocery store. The answer depends on how you store it.

Here are five ways to keep your garlic from spoiling, so you'll always have plenty on hand whenever you need it. Keep reading till the end to know other preservative method of other ingredient.


1. Keeping Garlic In Your Kitchen



If you just want to have a few bulbs of fresh, healthy-looking garlic in your kitchen, you can expect it to last for about 8 weeks at room temperature.

However, once you start breaking into the bulbs and separating the cloves, its life expectancy is shortened to about 10 days.

How to preserve garlic in the kitchen

  • Put the garlic in a basket where it can breathe, preferably a cool spot that's about 60 degrees.
  • Do NOT put garlic into refrigerator because it is too moist and will encourage the garlic to get soft and moldy.
  • Freshly minced or chopped garlic needs to be sealed tightly and refrigerated. Garlic in this form will only last a few days.

2. Freezing Garlic



Freezing your garlic is a great way to make it last for a long time. Although it will lose its crunch, it will still taste the same. As long as your freezer consistently keeps at zero degrees, your garlic will be kept safe and last indefinitely.

There are various methods to freezing your garlic. However, there is one method that I'd love to use regularly. By this way, the garlic can be used within 6 months.

  • Wrap the garlic tightly in plastic wrap or foil
  • Place the wrapped garlic inside a resealable freezer bag
  • Freeze it!

You can remove the amount of cloves you need and then return the bulb back to the freezer. If you prefer, you can also peel each clove and chop or crush it before freezing it. Just make sure to wrap it tightly. You don't want your ice cream and your ice cubes end up smelling like garlic, right?

Another worth-to-try method is to freeze garlic with olive oil:

  • Puree the garlic by food processor or blender
  • Add 1 part garlic to 2 parts olive oil
  • Mix 2 ingredients
  • Do NOT let the mixture sit at room temperature (keep it frozen or heat it up)

The oil won't freeze, so you can simply spoon out the garlic you need. You can use this mixture to add flavor to meats, making pasta or other dishes needed garlic flavor.

3. Storing Garlic High And Dry


Another successful way to keep your garlic lasting for a long time is to dry it. This is an excellent method if you happen to purchase a large supply of fresh garlic at your local farmer's market or you've just harvested it from your own garden.

As long as you dry it correctly, you'll have a wonderful supply of usable garlic throughout the winter season, or anywhere from 6 to 8 months provided that you store the garlic at room temperature.

  • Lay the garlic in a shady spot outside for a few days
  • Wait until the garlic is thoroughly dry
  • Lay the garlic out on a screen and gently shake them to remove the dirt
  • Be careful not to bruise them because this will invite insects and molds
  • Remove the tips and roots, leave 1 inch of root on each bulb

Once this is done, you can store them somewhere in a cool, dark, dry place that is slightly humid and about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also dry your garlic by keeping their tops intact and tying them together or braiding  to hang them up in a well-ventilated cool room. Braided garlic looks attractive and neat and also makes it easy to cut a bulb when you want one.

To braid your garlic, simply wrap three long-stemmed garlic bulbs together with twine and braid them, working in another bulb every inch or so along the braid, or use this fancy but easy method.

Another fun way to dry your garlic is to simply place the bulbs into a clean nylon stocking, separating the bulbs by tying a knot between each one. Hang it up, and whenever you need a bulb, just snip one off from the bottom below the knot.

4. Making Crispy Dried Garlic



If you enjoy your garlic on the crispy side, here is a perfect method for you.

  • Peel and cut your garlic bulbs into thin slices
  • Lay them out on a baking sheet
  • Put them in the oven for two hours at 140 degrees
  • Turn the temperature down to 130 degrees
  • Let the garlic remain in the oven until dry and crisp

Once your garlic is done, you can use the slices to season your foods or grind it to make garlic powder. As long as your garlic stays dry, it will last for 3 to 4 years. It's important to keep your dried garlic in a tightly sealed container in a dark cupboard that is protected from direct heat and sunlight.

5. Pickleing Your Garlic



If you like apple cider vinegar, consider pickling your garlic cloves in it. This technique will keep your garlic lasting for up to 4 months in the refrigerator. It takes only a few steps, and you can use several variations for different flavors.

  • Peel the amount of garlic cloves you want
  • Place them into a jar of apple cider vinegar
  • Seal the jar securely, and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Adding dried herbs, salt or anything else you like for extra flavor



In whatever way you like to eat your garlic, if you follow a few simple rules, you'll find that your garlic will always be fresh and tasty.

Rundown Of How Long Garlic Will Last

  • 8 weeks on your countertop at room temperature
  • Indefinitely in your freezer
  • 6 - 8 months stored dry and whole
  • 3 - 4 years in dry slices or powder form
  • 4 months pickled and refrigerated

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If you have your favorite way to keeping your garlic or have any questions, please comment below. If you find this useful, share it with your friends. Sharing is caring!


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