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Skor Vs Heath: Which One Is The Winner? Find Out!

Ever since Hershey’s Skor bar was released back in 1981, the comparison between the milk chocolate toffee bar and its more enduring counterpart Heath bar has been one of the most debated topics in the chocolate world. And so, in this “Heath vs. Skor” debacle, we will cover once again the real score (no pun on Skor!) between the two Hershey bars.

Nevertheless, I need you to put on your best Willy Wonka face as we are about take a trip down the memory lane in discussing their brief history and similarities of the two chocolate toffee bars. And later on, allow me to indulge in to my personal liking as to which of them reigns supreme right from their wrappers, to consistency all the way to their flavors.

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What Does An Ostrich Egg Taste Like? The Surprising Answer That You Need To Know

Have you ever been curious how an ostrich egg tastes? Well, you’re not alone. Just like you, I’m eager to know what the giant egg will taste like, whether it’s tasty as chicken eggs, or better.

My fascination with ostrich eggs began when a relative of mine brought me several of the eggs as a gift. Before I give a crack on these eggs, I need to know more about them, particularly what they taste like. And so I did extensive research online, and what I’m going to share are the results of my hard work.

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Can You Freeze Stuffed Mushrooms? Know It Here Now

Do you have a lot of stuffed mushroom leftovers from dinner? Do you want to make a large batch of ahead of time? If you said yes, then this article is right for you because I'll try to answer the question that might have been troubling you - “Can you freeze stuffed mushrooms?”.

I got concerned with this question after dealing with a lot of leftovers from a previous dinner with my family. To make no stuffed mushroom goes to waste, I conducted a series of research online. Want to know what I found out so far? Keep reading.


Can You Freeze Egg Salad? All You Need To Know

Egg salad has got to be one of the easiest fillings to create for sandwiches. The most basic egg salad recipes don’t even have many ingredients. A couple of hard-boiled eggs, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise will do. Perhaps the only problem I experience when it comes to making egg salad is making too much!

If you too happen to make too much egg salad, I’m sure you're wondering how you can properly store leftovers. You might have even asked, "Can you freeze egg salad?". Well, if you want to know how to store egg salad correctly, read on.

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What Goes With French Onion Soup? Amazing Food Pairings That You Need To Know

Are you planning to make some French onion soup for dinner but don't know what to pair with it? If yes, then you're in for a treat as I try to answer the common question asked by many, "What goes with French onion soup?".

French onion soup is already a hearty meal in itself, but if paired with the right food and beverage, the soup's taste becomes more memorable.

What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers? Here Are The Most Delicious Pairs You Need To Know

Do you love stuffed peppers? If yes, then you’re in a treat as I try to answer the question that might be bothering you for a long time, “What to serve with stuffed peppers?”. Stuffed peppers are rich in flavor already, but pairing them with the right food and beverage makes them even more delicious.

Since I like to make stuffed peppers at home, I try to deal with this question more seriously. To give an accurate answer, I searched all possible food and beverage accompaniments online. If you’re interested to know, keep reading.

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Can You Freeze Lunch Meat? All You Need To Know

If you’re a fan of hearty sandwiches or like to eat cold cuts of meat with your wine and cheese, I’m sure you must have been to a deli where you can buy an assortment of freshly sliced meat.

Unless your go-to deli is pretty close to your home, it can be quite a hassle if you need to go to the deli every time you run out of fresh meat.

It’s a good thing you can always rely on the freezer in your kitchen to keep your food from spoiling.

However, not all types of food can remain in its best state when frozen solid. So the big question here is, can you freeze lunch meat without ruining the meat itself? Read on to find out more.

Can You Eat Fondant? All You Need To Know

If you are a fan of baking and eating pastries, I’m sure you must have been served a slice of cake covered in fondant a couple of times now.

If you are not sure what fondant is, it’s this cake decoration that is used to make a smooth surface. Often coming in different colors, shapes, and sizes, fondant usually looks like it’s not edible and is merely for décor.

If you have a little time on your hands, and would like to know if you can eat fondant, simply read on to know more about this cake décor.

How Long Does Cooked Pasta Last? All You Need To Know About Pasta

Do you ever wonder how long could a cooked pasta last? I have asked this question once when I overestimated the amount of pasta needed in making spaghetti. Just like any other perishable food, I presumed that there was a proper way of extending their shelf life.

To find the answer, I used my researching skills and visited all credible websites. All sites offered almost the same answer. For complete information, check the rest of the article below.

The Best Quick And Easy Ways On How Long Does It Take To Preheat An Oven

Preheating an oven is a standard procedure when baking or broiling food. If you own a recipe book, you may notice that each baking recipe will require you to preheat your oven. Doing so ensures your food to be cooked thoroughly within the time indicated in the recipe.

But how long does it take to preheat an oven exactly? Each oven is made different, which means that preheating times may vary. I know baking can be quite complex, but don’t worry cause here are some tips for preheating your oven that you can apply whenever you try to bake.