What Does An Ostrich Egg Taste Like? The Surprising Answer That You Need To Know

Have you ever been curious how an ostrich egg tastes? Well, you’re not alone. Just like you, I’m eager to know what the giant egg will taste like, whether it’s tasty as chicken eggs, or better.

My fascination with ostrich eggs began when a relative of mine brought me several of the eggs as a gift. Before I give a crack on these eggs, I need to know more about them, particularly what they taste like. And so I did extensive research online, and what I’m going to share are the results of my hard work.


What’s So Special About Ostrich Eggs?

What’s so special about ostrich eggs?

According to American Ostrich Association, ostrich eggs may be the largest of all eggs but they’re the smallest eggs in association to the bird’s size One ostrich egg usually weighs between 1,600 to 2,300 grams or 3.5 to 5 pounds. In terms of volume, one ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs.

An ostrich hen can produce about 40 to 60 eggs every year. When incubated, an ostrich egg can get hatched in 42 days. Ostrich eggs are hatched in the wild while the mother ostrich sits on them, while those raised in a farming environment only need incubation.

What Do They Taste Like?

What do they taste like?

BBC Good Food describes an ostrich egg taste as somewhat similar to hen’s eggs. As compared to other eggs, ostrich eggs taste more buttery and richer. However, the taste can be slightly more intense; some even say gamy.

The Southern Agriculturist, on the other hand, refers the taste of an ostrich egg as a bit sweetish, but a bit gross. Soon enough, you can satiate your appetite with a small serving of ostrich egg, so it’s advisable to consume it in groups.

When scrambled, ostrich eggs tend to taste more gelatinous than chicken eggs because of their translucent bits. When boiled, the white part appears to be more rubbery-looking than a chicken’s egg, but the taste is similar to a boiled hen’s egg. You’ll need about one and a half hours to hard boil an ostrich egg and a full one hour for a soft boil.

Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits

Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits

One ostrich egg contains about 45% fat, 47% protein, and 2,000 calories, according to Safari Ostrich Farm. Similar to chicken eggs, ostrich eggs are rich in essential nutrients, such as choline, vitamin B12, folic acid, and riboflavin. Although ostrich eggs have less vitamin A and vitamin E than chicken eggs, they’re richer in iron and magnesium.

Ostrich eggs are a great choice for people on a diet because they contain just small amounts of sodium. They're also good for the heart as they have high amounts of fiber and Omega-3. Ostrich eggs are a healthier option for body growth as they contain minerals such as manganese, calcium, and zinc.

Preparing And Cooking An Ostrich Egg

Like any regular poultry egg, an ostrich egg can be scrambled, boiled, and fried. However, the cooking time may be longer as the ostrich egg is larger in size - imagine the volume of two dozens eggs. Considering the thick shell of these eggs, you’ll need special steps to prepare them.


To break an ostrich egg for an omelet, hit the top with a hammer. Use a screwdriver to cut through the membrane and let all the contents of the egg pour into a large bowl. Beat and cook the egg into an omelet like you would on a regular poultry egg.

Watch how to make an ostrich egg omelet in this video.

2.Boiled Egg

When boiling an ostrich egg, there’s no preparation needed except for a large pot and water. After waiting for almost two hours, crack the boiled egg open by hitting the top with a spoon. You can even use a saw to cut through the membrane, just as shown in this video.

3.Fried Egg

Frying an ostrich egg may be a bit of a challenge because you need to make sure that you don’t break the yolk. When opening the egg, use the back of your knife to tap the top-most part of the egg in a circular motion. As you see a crack, gently lift the shell open and pour the egg contents into a large bowl.

Fry the ostrich egg like you would on a regular egg. Watch how this is done properly in this video here.

Try Some Ostrich Eggs Today!

Try Some Ostrich Eggs Today!

So, what does an ostrich egg taste like? Generally, like a hen’s egg, but a bit sweeter and gamy. As compared to a chicken’s egg, an ostrich egg is a better choice because it has less sodium and rich in essential nutrients, like calcium, fiber, and Omega-3. You can also cook the ostrich eggs like you would with a regular egg, but it may be a bit challenging to break the hard shell open.

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