Skor Vs Heath: Which One Is The Winner? Find Out!

Ever since Hershey’s Skor bar was released back in 1981, the comparison between the milk chocolate toffee bar and its more enduring counterpart Heath bar has been one of the most debated topics in the chocolate world. And so, in this “Heath vs. Skor” debacle, we will cover once again the real score (no pun on Skor!) between the two Hershey bars.

Nevertheless, I need you to put on your best Willy Wonka face as we are about take a trip down the memory lane in discussing their brief history and similarities of the two chocolate toffee bars. And later on, allow me to indulge in to my personal liking as to which of them reigns supreme right from their wrappers, to consistency all the way to their flavors.


The Heath Bar And Its History

Heath bar

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Originally owned by L.S. Heath in 1914, the very first Heath bar was made of toffee and milk chocolate. It was shaped as a thin hard slab that was coated with milk chocolate. The toffee was manufactured originally with sugar, butter and almonds. Just think of its sibling Skor or the Daim bar and you’d want a whole lot of a Heath bar.

Heath bar is a popular add-in ingredient to most of today’s ice cream, cookies and other confections. My aunt has used to hock plenty of Heath bars for her homemade cookies right before she was all caught up in watching her diet!

The Heath bar was then acquired by Leaf, Inc years after. Ultimately, the popular candy was absorbed by The Hershey Company, a move that was dubbed as one of the firm’s most strategic acquisitions.

Hershey’s Skor

Skor bar

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Initially intended to compete against the Heath bar, Skor was first marketed in the United States back in 1981 and was later launched in Canada two years after under the moniker of “Rutnam”.

This candy bar is made of a thin slab of butter toffee that is covered in a milk chocolate coating. It is very much similar to a Daim bar and the Heath bar, no less. As being frequently compared by the latter, Skor has some distinct qualities that set it apart from the Heath bar.

Difference Between Heath And Skor

1. The Wrapper


One of the more ostensible difference between the two toffee bars is its wrappers. Skor has “delicious milk/chocolate /crisp butter toffee” while the Heath bar is toting a “milk chocolate English toffee bar.

I am way more leaning onto Skor’s wrapper as it is more simple and straightforward compared to the Heath bar’s slightly distracting packaging.

2. The Toffee Effect And The Consistency

Toffee Effect

The Heath bar is glorious when you break it as you can essentially hear the sound of the bar’s crunchiness. But once it gets crumbled inside your mouth, it tastes like a cookie. Its sweet, milk chocolate has a good flavor while its toffee has a slight saltiness. In addition, the softness and thickness of the chocolate is blending quite well to the bar’s toffee texture that ties up everything that is nice about this bar.

On the other hand, Skor’s toffee is noticeably darker and has a richer flavor. If you abhor digging out toffees on your gums, Skor is probably not ideal as its toffee is way stickier than that of Heath’s. Also, the quality of chocolate in Skor isn’t as good as heath’s despite the fact that the amount of chocolate and toffee are well-balanced

3. Dimensions And Ingredients

Dimensions And Ingredients

Evidently, there is no way that The Hershey Company, the firm which has already spawned thousands of chocolate bars across the globe, would be able to sell two identical bars. While Heath and Skor may be initially identical at first sight, the two are also decidedly different.

The Heath Bar measures 5 X 1.25 X 0.25 inches. Inside, you can see a light hard center with pieces of visible almonds. The bar has cocoa butter and chocolate, dairy, added oils, along with soy and tree nuts.

A single Heath bar has 200 calories, the bulk of which contains 23g sugar and 7g saturated fats. The bar is also noted for its strong almond flavor that easily overpowers the milk chocolate. For most, this is a bit of a disappointment.

The Skor bar is essentially similar to the Heath bar’s looks and dimensions. Albeit, its dark is noted for its darker components. Nuts which are listed as an ingredient are not noticeable. The bar is also bearing a stronger chocolate scent.

Like Heath’s looks and dimensions, the Skor bar composes the same basic ingredients — minus the palm oil. This candy bar has 10 more calories, 1g more sugar and has twice as much cholesterol. If you are watching your sodium intake, this bar has 5mg less of Heath’s sodium.

If you decide to sink even deeper, a few almond piece and a more buttery flavor are revealed in the Skor bar. Also, Skor’s chocolate tastes a bit stronger but it dissipates into the background.


As I am a self-proclaimed butter lover, the Skor bar is easily my favorite between the two. This certain liking is even more pronounced when I discovered that the Heath bar has more almonds in it. And if you factor in the chocolate taste, this darker candy bar is winning by a landslide. Don’t let me get started with the Skor’s wrapper as I find it visually more appealing.

If you feel like the Heath bar is better than Skor, share your sentiments below in the comment section! In the meantime, enjoy crunching your Heath and Skor bars!

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Margaret - January 24, 2018

I agree! While I would never turn away a Heath Bar, I will always seek out the Skor Bar. Team Skor.


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