Can You Freeze Raisins? Info and Tips

Yes, you can freeze raisins. You can buy raisins in bulk for a year and freeze them. However, freezing might alter the taste of raisins if not done correctly. 

This article will enlighten you on the right freezing tricks for raisins.

Can you Freeze Raisins?

Can you freeze raisins

Yes, you can freeze raisins. They can stay fresh in your freezer for more than a year. These dried fruits have little water content, making them ideal for freezing them. After defrosting, they showcase the same flavor and texture as before freezing.

How to Freeze Raisins Properly?

Can you freeze raisins

Raisins can be frozen in different ways:

  • Freezing sticky raisins directly will make them clump together. You can first spread them out on a parchment paper-lined tray, ensuring enough space between them. Freeze this tray for 30 minutes or until they all appear to be frozen. Once frozen, you can collect them all and put them in a single freezer-safe bag or container. This way, they will stay put for more than a year.
  • If you have sugar-coated raisins, you can skip the initial step and transfer them directly to a freezer-safe container or bag. The sugar will prevent the raisins from sticking to one another,
  • Ensure that no air or moisture can penetrate the bag as it may spoil the raisins.
  • It is ideal for packing small quantities of raisins in small freezer bags so that you don’t need to take out the entire container when you want to consume them. Repeated freezing and defrosting can spoil them. Instead, remove one small frozen bag or container every time you want to consume them.
  • Raisins can stay at their best quality for two years in the freezer.

How to Thaw Frozen Raisins?

When defrosting your raisins, remember that the moisture built due to condensation might spoil them. Therefore, it is best to leave a frozen bag or container of raisins in the fridge and let them thaw overnight before opening the pack. 

If you leave it to thaw outside, you will expose the frozen package to room temperature and warm air. This process will cause condensation on the cold raisins, creating moisture. This moisture can spoil the freshness of the raisins.

Once defrosted, they will look identical to what they did before freezing.

Do Raisins Need to be Refrigerated After Opening?

Raisins can get spoiled in hot and humid climates. If you live in humid conditions, it is ideal for storing open packs of raisins in the fridge to enhance their life. 

When storing them in the fridge, ensure that the container is air-tight. If exposed to the dry and cool air inside the refrigerator, they can harden and become dehydrated.

If your raisins become hard, you can soften them by soaking them in water for 10 to 15 minutes. This will re-hydrate and soften them, although their flavor might not be the same.

How to Tell if Raisins Have Gone Bad?

Although raisins have a good shelf life, they can go bad. Signs are:

  1. The most apparent sign of raisins going bad is visible mold. Mold occurs on raisins when they are exposed to outside moisture and air. Raisins with mold should be discarded immediately. Consuming these can make you sick. 
  2. If a tangy and fermented smell emanates from raisins when you open the container or bag, it shows that the raisins have gone bad.
  3. Furthermore, if your raisins have changed color, do not consume them. They may have gone bad.


  • How to store resins without freezing?

If you want to store resins without freezing, ensure that you immediately transfer them to an air-tight container. These tend to get spoiled when exposed to moisture and air. Stored this way in a cool, dry place can extend their shelf life to 6 months.

  • Are raisins healthy?

Raisins are power-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, regular consumption of raisins keeps you free from digestive troubles or iron deficiencies.

  • How are Raisins Made?

Raisins are dehydrated grapes. Fresh grapes are boiled and then sun-dried to get raisins. The drying process intensifies this fruit’s sweetness and enhances its lifespan.

Final Lines

Raisins can be frozen to extend their lifespan. However, storing them in air-tight containers outside the fridge can cause them to develop mold eventually. They may even dry out or stick together and get clumpy. Outside the refrigerator, raisins can stay put for about six months.

Similar effects are seen on raisins kept in the fridge after opening. The dry air of the refrigerator eventually dries them and makes them hard. They are best stored in the fridge for about six months.

When frozen, raisins can stay in excellent condition for more than a year.

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