Best Portable Electric Stove 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to portable electric stoves, there is a large variety available on today's market suitable to a wide range of uses.

Many of them are surprisingly small and light enough to use in a small camper or store away in a drawer. You might be surprised to learn just how affordable and versatile they can be.


Benefits Of Portable Electric Stoves



There are several advantages from having a portable electric stove at hand:

  • Heat up quickly: Portable electric stoves can heat up very quickly as they range in power from 200 watts to 1800 watts.
  • Multiple functions: Many of them come with individual adjustable thermostats, ready indicator lights, heavy-duty plates and non-slip rubber feet. Some even include a voltage warning system and diagnostic error message system.
  • Easy to clean: You might find that one particular type of portable electric stove is easier to clean than another type.

However, the power cords to most portable electric stoves are about 2 feet, so you may have to use an extension cord.

As a compact and lightweight appliance, however, portable electric stoves pack a lot of power and are quite economical. You can check out the video below to learn more about it.

How To Use A Portable Electric Stove



Before you turn your portable electric stove on for the first time, you may notice smoke coming from the unit's burners. This is considered typical of new units when they are first used.

  • After you're finished using your portable electric stove, simply clean the housing and burners with a soft, damp cloth.
  • It is best not to use any harsh cleaning cleansers or abrasive pads as you could leave scratches on the surface or damage the burners.
  • The burners are sealed, so it is not recommended to immerse them in water or try to pull them off the unit.

Determining Which Portable Electric Stove Fits Your Circumstances

In this article, I want to help you find the best portable electric stove to meet your needs and fit your budget. However, let's first consider the basic qualities of portable electric stoves.

There are several types of portable electric stoves on the market, so the best one for your money will be largely be based on how you'll use it.

  • If you want one to keep stored away in your kitchen or at your vacation cabin, you may want to find one that won't rust.
  • Avid outdoors enthusiasts who want a quick meal or a hot cup of coffee will most likely need a portable electric stove that's lightweight and small
  •  A larger, heavier and more attractive version might be more suitable for people who want to use it in their home daily or to help them prepare meals for guests.

1. For The Seasonal Vacationer



If you're a person who owns a cabin, boat or recreational vehicle, you might choose a portable electric stove that is made of rustproof materials such as stainless steel.

This way, your electric stove will be functional and ready for you when you need it. If it isn't rustproof, a small amount of moisture can damage the burners and electrical parts.

Portable electric stoves are available in brushed stainless steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

2. For The Avid Camper



In my camping adventures, I wish I had brought along an electric burner for a quick and easy hot breakfast. Instead, I thought camping included being tough and starting a fire with sticks and matches. A portable electric stove would not only have provided a nice breakfast but warm memories too.

If you like to do your own cooking while you're camping out, you might want a portable electric stove that is durable enough to use outdoors yet lightweight. You also probably want one that will cook your foods quickly so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

If you own a camper or RV that includes a small kitchen, there are electric portable stoves that you can plug right into your RV or camper's 12-volt cigarette lighter socket to keep your foods warm. These stoves are especially nice if you have soup, beans or any canned or precooked foods that you want to heat up.

3. For Your Kitchen

If you're looking for a portable electric stove for your needs, whether you live alone or not, you might consider one with a double burner. With two burners, you'll be able to use one to keep your foods warm while you're cooking on the other one.

A double-burner portable electric stove also comes in handy for family gatherings, celebrations and cookouts outdoors. When you use it outdoors, however, play it safe by plugging it into an exterior-grade extension cord.

Take A Look At These 5 Exciting Portable Electric Stoves

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This handsome single-burner induction stove has an ultra-compact design and an easy-to-use digital control panel. If you enjoy cooking but hate the amount of heat your stove produces and the amount of power or gas it uses, you might enjoy this stove.

Induction stoves are extremely safe because they heat your cookware and not the cooktop surface. If you choose to purchase this unit, make sure you only use compatible cookware, such as cast iron or magnetic bottom stainless steel.

This Duxtop induction stove features a nicely laid out digital control panel with a built-in timer that includes 1-minute increments up to 170 minutes.

You'll also like its temperature range, which starts at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and goes to 460 degrees. It allows you to choose from 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 watts.


Editor's Rating: 98/100


  • Small and compact unit for easy portability Heavy-duty power cord
  • Safer to use than electric models
  • Surface is incredibly easy to clean
  • Heats up quickly
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Includes a voltage warning and diagnostic error message systems
  • ETL approved


  • Pricier than some other stoves
  • Requires only induction-compatible cookware

This small, compact portable electric single burner stove is great for your small kitchenette or college dorm room.

It measures 3.5 by 9.8 by 9.1 inches and weighs slightly more than 2 pounds, making it a breeze to store away in your cupboard or take to the office.

It also features a power indicator light and a temperature-regulating knob with heat distribution coils to ensure that your food cooks evenly without burning.

If you like camping, you'll appreciate the fact that this electric burner is great for using outdoors. Its design is slim to pack with your camping gear, but it fits all sizes of pots and pans for easy and quick cooking.

The stove works well with generators at a larger campsite or at home in the event of a power outage. Its very low price makes it ideal to purchase for people who only plan to use it occasionally.


Editor's Rating: 92/100


  • Low, medium and high settings
  • Heats food quickly, maintains an even temperature
  • 1100 watts
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Slim and easy to store
  • Affordable


  • Does not include an auto-shut off feature
  • Becomes extremely hot
  • Takes a while to cool down
  • Has a relatively short power cord
  • Plastic housing

The Waring DB60 portable electric stove is available with 2 cast iron plates. While it is a not as compact as other portable electric stoves, it has a brushed stainless steel finish and sleek, contemporary design.

The double burner version of this portable electric stove is 19.5 by 11.5 by 4 inches. One burner is smaller and is only 500 watts, and the other larger plate is 1300 watts.

This feature is nice in the event you don't need a tremendous amount of power for both burners. This unit features individual adjustable thermostats and separate lights to indicate when each burner is on and ready.

In addition, it includes slip-resistant rubber feet and long-lasting double cast iron plates.


Editor's Rating: 85/100


  • Low silhouette design
  • Heats up quickly, retains an even temperature
  • Double burner has separate ready and on indicator lights
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Isn't bulky and still works well with large pots and pans
  • Uses less electricity than traditional stove
  • Won't heat up the whole kitchen
  • Heavy duty


  • Takes a while to cool down
  • Consumes more electricity than other portable electric stoves
  • Can discolor and rust through time
  • High purchase cost

Black & Decker DB1002B Double-Burner Portable Buffet Range

Via Amazon

Slim and stylish, the Black & Decker DB1002B double-burner portable buffet range in black will give you a total of 1400 watts of cooking power to help you handle small and large meals easily.

One burner provides 900 watts while the other one heats up to 500 watts. It has adjustable heating controls for each burner that allow you to precisely gauge your temperature.

This electric stove measures 11.42 inches by 22.76 inches by 5.43 inches and is amazingly lightweight.

On those hot days when you'd prefer to cook outside, the range lives up to the promise of being portable. Its size is convenient for a small-sized kitchen, mobile home or RV.


Editor's Rating: 82/100


  • Coil burners provide even heat distribution
  • Power indicator lights
  • Includes a two-year warranty
  • Has a stylish appearance
  • Uses less electricity than a traditional stove
  • Ensures you'll never run out of propane gas


  • Burners do not lift up, which makes cleaning difficult
  • Double burner version only has one burner for cooking; the other one is for warming
  • Not very sturdy
  • Chrome part can discolor
  • Takes a long time to heat up

If you want an eye-catching portable electric stove to match the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen or RV, check out the Duxtop 1800-watt portable electric cast iron stove.

It will give you plenty of power: 1300 watts with one burner and 500 with the other. It features durable steel housing and cast iron plates.

It also includes dual adjustable thermostats and 2 heating indicator lights. When I saw this stove, I was especially attracted to the stay-cool side handles.

While this stove is 8.8 pounds, it's still small at 23.4 inches by 10.6 inches by 4.6 inches. Because one of its burners is large, it will handle a big pot of noodles or soup while the smaller burner will keep your food warm.


Editor's Rating: 79/100


  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Cast iron plates for better heat retention
  • Available in a single burner version
  • Twin adjustable thermostats
  • 2 heating indicator lights
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy and safe to move around while cooking
  • Saves countertop space
  • 1-year warranty included


  • Pricier than other stoves
  • Both burners are slow heating up
  • Smaller burner only for keeping foods warm

The Best Portable Electric Stove

When you compare these 5 portable electric stoves, you will find that many of them have attractive features. While it is difficult to find the one that is the clear winner in this review, my choice is the Secura 8100MC 1800-watt portable induction cooktop countertop burner.

Besides offering 10 temperature ranges and 10 power levels, this stove has lots of outstanding benefits:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Amazingly easy to keep clean and very safe to use
  • Stylish and high-tech appearance.

Considering all these outstanding features, the Secura portable induction stove is the perfect fit for people who like to travel or for anyone who needs a reliable and safe cooking unit for a small living area.

It also comes in handy for anyone who needs an extra cooking unit to help with entertaining.

If you have anything you'd like to add to this post, please leave your comments in the section below! Please share this article with anyone you know who is looking for a new portable stove.

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