Best Knife Block 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The knife is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. Being so, you should know how to properly take care of your knives to make them last long. One thing you can do to maintain the sharpness and overall stature of your knife is to store them in a nice place by getting the best knife block that your money can buy.

You might have a hard time looking for the right knife block since there are a lot you can choose from. If you have no idea which knife block you should buy, you should take a look at these tips on how to choose a knife block and the 5 knife blocks I have listed below.


The Importance of A Knife Block

You might think that you can do well without a knife block, and that you will do just fine by storing your knives in your kitchen drawer. Well, of course you can store your knives in a simple drawer or in your cupboard, but you should also expect to get scratches on your knives if you choose to do this.

Knife blocks offer your knives a safe and secure enclosure that prevents your knives from getting surface scratches. Knife blocks also serve as a well-balanced storage unit that makes sure that your knives are in place.

But if you ask me, the most important reason why you should buy a good knife block is that it makes your kitchen a safer place by keeping the dangerous sharp end of your knives completely hidden. If you have children in the house, a stable knife block will surely help you avoid any unnecessary accidents that can lead to harsh injuries.

How to Choose A Knife Block

You may think that all knife blocks are the same, but truth is, they are very different and often come with different features. Before you buy a knife block for your kitchen, you should make sure that the product fits your preferences and requirements.

To avoid having to send back or replace a knife block, you should take in these following considerations:


Knife blocks come in different sizes. To avoid counter space issues, you must measure your available counter space before you go out looking for a knife block.

Do not forget to measure the height space between your counter top and the bottom of your shelves on top of your counter as well. Some knife blocks that house long knives can be pretty tall.

Knife Slots

Of course you must know which type of knives you are going to put in your knife block. You must also know how many knives you plan on putting in the block.

If you don't have any idea how much knife slots you will need, it would be wise for you to choose a knife block that has a lot of slots just in case.


Knife blocks are made out of different materials including wood, plastic, and metal. This factor will depend on your personal preference or your kitchen's overall design. You should also keep in mind that the material also determines the product's quality.

5 Knife Blocks You Should See

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Do you have a thing for wooden kitchenware? If you said yes, you must check out the Wüsthof Acacia Knife Block because it has a classic wooden design that you can confidently display on your kitchen counter.

This knife block can easily house 17 knives without tipping over unlike other unbalanced knife blocks.The Wüsthof knife block is also a little safer than most knife blocks because it comes with a non-skid rubber feet that will keep it firmly in place.


Editor's Rating: 99/100


  • Very balanced, and can hold a lot of knives without tipping over
  • Has a classic looking wooden design
  • Made out of durable material that can last for years
  • Can accommodate long knives
  • Comes with a non-skid rubber feet that puts it firmly in place


  • Knives can get surface scratches from rough knife slot interior
  • Gives off a strong varnish smell
  • Can have ugly wood stains
  • Not made out of pure acacia wood, is only made with acacia wood veneers
  • Glued joints have a white color that doesn't go with the overall design
  • Can take a lot of counter space

Sick of conventional looking knife blocks? If yes is your answer, you should take a look at the Premio Universal Stainless Steel Knife Holder. Unlike other knife blocks that are square in shape, this knife block has a cylindrical shape that makes it pretty unique.

This knife block can easily house differently sized knives including a cleaver, steak knife, carving knife, chef knife, vegetable knife, paring knife, and a utility knife because of its wide knife slots. The only downside to this knife block is that you would have to place several knives in one slot to make them stand upright.


Editor's Rating: 94/100


  • Comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty
  • Can accommodate differently sized knives
  • Easy to hand wash
  • Very light weight
  • Has a unique and stylish cylindrical design


  • Doesn't make the knives stay in an upright position
  • Knives can get surface scratches from the disc holder
  • Can take up a lot of counter space because of large body
  • Cannot accommodate thick knives
  • Cannot accommodate kitchen scissors

Cook N Home's Bamboo Knife storage block is the typical knife block that looks like any other knife block you will find in a normal kitchen. This knife block can be perfect for you if you have a lot of knives to store since it has 19 slots that can accommodate several types of knives including a cleaver, kitchen sears, and a sharpening steel.

You will also appreciate this knife block's bamboo look that gives it a stylish yet classic feel.


Editor's Rating: 90/100


  • Can accommodate 19 knives
  • Can accommodate a cleaver
  • Can accommodate Kitchen sears
  • Has a slot for a sharpening steel


  • Can have cracks when soaked in water or when not dried after cleansed
  • Can come with uneven knife slots
  • Not purely made of bamboo, is only made with bamboo veneers
  • Lacks knife size variation

This knife block is probably the most stylish and chic looking one in this list. The Kuhn Rikon Knife Block has an unconventional design that shows off your knives shiny finish.

It has a see-through design that makes it look really modern. This knife block is also very stable and does not tip over even when completely filled with heavy knives.

Perhaps the only downside to this knife block is that it cannot fit a lot of knives because of its small design. But its downside can also be a benefit because its small size means that you won't be needing a lot of counter space.


Editor's Rating: 84/100


  • Has a unique and very stylish design
  • Very easy to hand wash
  • Can fit steak knives, pairing knives, and chef knives
  • Has a stable design that doesn't tip over


  • Doesn't fit thick knives
  • Doesn't fit cleavers
  • Cannot accommodate kitchen sears
  • Cannot accommodate long knives
  • Cannot accommodate many knives

Are you a fan of unusually shaped knives? If you are, then you should see the Kapoosh Batonnet Knife Block because it has a universal storage that will allow you to put in a knife inside it regardless of shape and size.

The Kapoosh Batonnet knife block is unlike other knife blocks with built in slots because it comes with rubberized flex rods that lets any knife get through it. One more thing that makes this knife block different from other knife blocks is that it is perfectly dishwasher safe.


Editor's Rating: 82/100


  • Can accommodate knives of all shapes and sizes
  • Can accommodate kitchen sears
  • Can be cleansed with a dishwasher
  • Doesn't have uneven knife slot issues
  • Prevents knives from getting surface scratches


  • Isn't stable enough to hold heavy knives, and can easily be tipped over
  • Doesn't last long because wooden material can easily get chipped off
  • Doesn't fit under a cabinet because of tall build
  • Cannot accommodate long knives

The Best Knife Block

The Wüsthof - 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block is where I would put my money at if I would have to choose among these knife blocks. The Wüsthof - 17-Slot Acacia Knife Block has a sturdy build, a classic wooden design, and can house a lot of knives. It even has space for a cleaver, kitchen sears, and a sharpening steel.

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