Top 5 Cool Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Are you looking to make a few tweaks to make your kitchen look cooler? Are you worried that your budget might be too tight to make your kitchen the envy of others? Perhaps you are confused because of those innumerable options that you seem to have when it comes to making those changes that you want in your kitchen.

While a basic kitchen upgrade may cost you a lot of money (we are talking within the range of $20,000 and $50,000), you do not necessarily need that much to give your kitchen the upgrade that you want. This article would not only give you some of the coolest ideas to upgrade your kitchen, but it would offer the most basic, innovative and pocket-friendly of them. Thus, helping you narrow down your options to something that is cool, chic and at the same time, affordable.

5 Cool Ideas to make your Kitchen better than Its Current State

Add in a Rug

Yes, a rug! You are probably used to having rugs only on your living room or bedroom floor. However, having a rug placed on the floor of your kitchen can do quite a lot for the aesthetics of your kitchen. Also, there is the added benefit of providing an extra layer for your floors.

The best place to place a rug in the kitchen is the area beneath the dining table (this is my opinion though). When trying to pick out a rug for your kitchen, there are two things to consider. First, the sizing and second, the color of the rug. For instance, if you want to install your rug under the dinner table, you should remember what I call the golden ratio or a 2 by 3 proportion. Don’t get confused! Let me explain. When planning your kitchen, if you want a dinner table in there, you want the dining table to take up about two-thirds of the length of your dinner table. Factor in the size of your dining area when buying a kitchen rug for this purpose.

When it comes to picking a rug, for aesthetic purposes, you should take into consideration the color of the rug. Choosing a wrong color can ultimately distort the eye appeal of your kitchen so you have to be careful. Go for colors that complement the wall of your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen wall is painted navy blue, go for a rug with a tone that would go with it. If you have a kitchen wall with a neutral color like white, try using a rainbow-colored rug to give your kitchen that beautiful touch.

When making a decision about the color of your rug, don’t be scared to unleash your creative side!!


Talking about colors; how does the idea of painting your cabinets sound? That’s great right? How about the color on your ceiling? Okay now I’m talking, right? What about both? Magnificent! Now what about adding other forms of art to those areas like stickers?

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, your spontaneity can be the greatest asset to your creativity. More often than not, colored cabinets can make your kitchen stand all the way out. This is a great way of revamping old kitchen cabinets if you cannot bear the cost or horror of ripping them out and replacing them with new ones.

Adding stickers and other subtle arty decorations to your cabinets and ceilings can also improve the appeal of your kitchen by a wide margin. This is another avenue for you to explore your creative side.  Be spontaneous!!!

If your rental agreement restricts you from painting, you can use contact paper to improve the hue of your cabinet.

Another thing that you can do is to paint your kitchen walls. Nothing changes and upgrades the aura of a room better than a paint job. You can choose from a plethora of color options from the neutral white or black to have all the colors of the rainbow on your wall.

Your floors can also be painted too!! Paint can help rejuvenate wood floors that are not in great shape. They can also add that extra touch of perfection to the design of your kitchen. You can even get creative by using a stencil to design the painted floor.

Upgrade your accessories/hardware.

Nothing finesses the upgrade of your kitchen better than an upgrade of the appliances you use for cooking and the hardware you use for inspiring the cooking atmosphere. You can change your blender or buy a new dishwasher. In fact, you can buy install a portable air conditioner. It might be just what you need to provide that relaxed atmosphere that is great for cooking great dishes. If you want to install an air conditioner, I recommend that you get a portable one like Danby air conditioner. They are the best options for kitchen use because of their low energy use.

If your appliance is still in great working condition or you have attached a strong sentimental value to it, to the extent that replacing it would be a bit difficult for you, you can enhance your appliances instead. Using vinyl, you can recolor your appliances whether they are stainless steel stoves or blenders.

Fill up your kitchen space with furniture and accessories

Most times we attach the renovation of a room to the decluttering of the space or moving stuff out. Why don’t you change the narrative by moving stuff in? You can go all out and install unusual furniture and accessories in the kitchen like rugs, standing mirrors, lounge chairs and other accessories that would give it that avant-garde look. Adding stuff like this shocks the senses and will make your kitchen seem more unique than it is.

Spice up your Kitchen Island

This is the home hub where members of the family gather around to either eat or help with cooking (mostly eat lol). Little wonder it is often called by some folks the heart of the home. When renovating your kitchen, it could be a great idea to give the heart of your home some love.

You could start by painting it. This would give it that dash of drama that would make your kitchen look unique. You can consider pairing the island with bar stools that would give the bar and the kitchen a much cooler vibe.

In fact, you could change the material used to create the island to suit your taste. Using a glass or a mirrored front would give your island an antique charm. Wood would be a great way to visually improve the aesthetics of the kitchen (particularly if you are using a wooden floor).

Installing LED lighting strips can bring a great, fun and modern element to your space. It could even be a great way to improve the lighting of your kitchen.


Having to choose between the numerous options available when it comes to renovating a kitchen can take the fun away from it. This article has provided you with some of the coolest ideas for upgrading your kitchen to help you narrow down these options. However, in whatever you choose to do, remember that when it comes to renovations and revamping of the kitchen or any other room in the house, your only limit is your imagination. So, do not be afraid to be creative…

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