6 Portable Ice Makers that are Worth the Investment

From now on, you can forget about your endless trips to the supermarket to buy some ice. Purchasing a portable ice maker can save you up some time and diminish gas expenses. A portable machine like this one can make ice for you within minutes. Furthermore, the greatest advantage is that you can make more ice than a standard freezer can produce.

Your family reunions and parties with friends would be more fun when you use such a machine that can also save you a lot of money on the long run. In what follows, we will provide you with a list of lightweight portable ice makers that help you enjoy some cold drinks with your dear ones. When choosing an ice maker, it is essential to compare different features, like speed and quantity.


1. Della Portable Ice Maker 048-GM-48187

This is one of the best portable ice makers that features a compact design and a stylish finish. When it comes to this product, the price-quality ratio is very good. If you need a batch of ice, all you have to do is to plug the unit in, add water and then wait for 6 minutes. In a single day, this machine can produce about 26 pounds of ice, exceeding your needs.

This ice maker’s storage bin is insulated, being able to keep about 1.5 pounds of ice. However, if you unplug the ice maker, the ice in the storage bin will not last very long. If you are lucky, it may last for 8 hours. The device features a control panel which allows you to change the size of the ice cubes. The see-through window on the ice maker allows you to see the check the level of the ice.


2. Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

This is an affordable ice maker that can easily replace your faulty freezer compartments. If you have light to moderate ice cube needs, this portable ice maker is just the right thing for you. One of the advantages of such a purchase is that the lightweight indicators advise users when to add water or remove ice.

Furthermore, it operates quietly and it is very fast, producing the amount of ice you need in just 6 minutes. However, the downside is that the smaller of two ice cube sizes is rather useless for many applications. It necessitates frequent emptying for maximum return.

3. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

If you do not have a huge budget for this, then the hOmeLabs ice maker is suitable for your pocket. This one is quieter than other models, being able to produce a lot of ice. It can produce 9-piece batches in 8 to 12 minutes. The coolest thing is that the ice cubes are bullet-shaped.

In 24 hours, the portable ice maker can make up to 26 pounds of ice. This unit has a quiet compressor which is involved in the cooling process. Furthermore, it features an advanced refrigeration technology that helps you enjoy a fresh batch of ice without making too much noise.


4. NewAir AI-215SS 50 lb. Freestanding Ice Maker

This countertop ice maker can produce ice for the biggest parties. The NewAir machine is able to produce over 50 pounds of bullet-shaped ice cubes in only 24 hours. It has available 3 different cube sizes, being able to produce 12 ice cubes in 13 minutes. Isn’t that fantastic?

The incredible ice maker has a removable ice bin, 18-hour timer, LCD display, self-cleaning function and ice scoop. The users will know that the ice maker needs more water due to the indicator lights. Furthermore, the device features a side-mounted drain which is easy to use. Unfortunately, this machine can only hold a few pounds of ice at a time.

5. Igloo ICE103 Ice Maker

Numerous reviews indicate that this is one of the best portable ice makers. This machine makes about 26 pounds of ice every day. It can store approximately 2.2 pounds of ice cubes in its ice container. The ice cubes are bullet-shaped. However, if you want to change the size of the ice cubes, you should know that the unit make large, medium and small ice cubes.


The machine has an ice scoop, push-button controls, and a removable ice bucket. The indicator lights show when it needs more water or when the bucket is full of ice. The greatest advantage is that this ice maker can store more ice than other machines of this type. However, some people complain about durability issues, arguing that it only worked for a few months.

6. Think Gizmos TG22 Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

If you are searching for the fastest ice maker, then search no more. A fresh batch of crunchy ice is ready every 6 minutes. It is true that it is a little more expensive than other similar units, but it is definitely worth it. It has a sturdy and elegant design, being made of a blend of ABS and stainless steel.

Besides the fact that it looks exquisite, it also provides high performance. Manufacturers consider that this unit is appropriate for residential homes. The control panel on the front allows you to change the sizes of the ice cubes, ranging from small to large. Furthermore, there are certain indicators that will show you when the machine is full of ice.

Finding the best ice maker is not easy when there are plenty of features you have to consider before you make a purchase. You have to pay attention to the storage capacity, the amount of ice it can produce on a daily basis and the sizes of the ice cubes. Make sure you choose a portable unit that can help you with your parties, barbecues and family reunions, saving you a lot of time and trips to the supermarket.

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