Best Electric Fillet Knife 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Having the right tools can make the difference between enjoying the cooking process or struggling with it. When you have the best electric fillet knife, carving up meats and fish will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to spend more time with your company. You’ll also be able to save more of the delicious meat by getting closer to the bone.

An electric knife is an investment in your kitchen collection, so you'll want to choose one that’s durable and easy to use. Below are five different knives that I reviewed and that you may want to consider for your kitchen collection.


What You Should Know About Electric Fillet Knives

The first time someone suggested that I use an electric fillet knife, I promptly informed that individual that I could do the filleting the old-fashioned way. Then a friend loaned me an electric fillet knife, and I knew that this needed to be on my kitchen wish list. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to use an electric knife for filleting your next catch of the day, consider the following points.

1. You’ll Save Time

You could spend valuable time filleting your trout and catfish by hand, but the electric knife will make the process easier and faster. The electric knife slides right through trout and other fish.

The video below shows just how fast the entire process can be. You can use the knife for all types of meat, so you’ll also save yourself time when carving hams, turkeys, and roasts.

2. Cordless Options Are Available

I prefer filleting fish outside whenever possible, but I don’t always have power available to me. That’s why I love the battery-operated knives. While they still deliver the necessary power to slice through meat, there’s no cord to trip over and no need to search for an outlet at the campsite.

3. Skinless and Boneless Fish at Your Fingertips


If you’ve ever tried to skin a fish with a manual knife, then you know that it’s a tedious process. However, the rapid movement of the electric knife makes short work of the skin. The fillet knife will easily slide between the meat and the skin so that you can pull out a perfect fillet that’s ready for the skillet.

If you are dealing with another kind of food than fish meat, learn more about an electric knife with variable uses.

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4. Save Money

If you love fishing, then you can save a good deal of money. Rather than buying fish at the deli, you can enjoy your own fresh catches for next to nothing. Using the electric knife, you can prepare fresh fillets that are worthy of any restaurant.

5. Locks Make Them Safer

One concern with any electrical tool is the risk that it might start up when you brush against it. Another thing to worry about is if your kids decide to experiment with it when your back is turned. I have young children who love to help prepare dinner, so I was worried about this.

However, most new electric knives come with safety locks so that your unintended startups won’t happen. With a little training and care, you can even teach your older kids how to operate the knife.

6. Perfect for People With Poor Grip Strength

If you have poor grip strength due to arthritis or other medical problems, then an electrical knife is practically a must-have. You can still enjoy your favorite meals, and you won’t have to ask for help with the filleting. It’s an easy way for you to maintain a little more of your independence.

7. Cord Considerations

Some people prefer corded options so that they never have to worry about dead batteries. If you do go with traditional power, then opt for an electric knife that comes with a swivel cord that’s at least 3 feet long. This way, you won’t have to worry about the cord catching, and it will be easier to keep it out of your way as you cut through the fish.

8. Blades Are Usually Replaceable

Not only will you save time with an electric knife, but you’ll also save money over the coming years. This is because the blades are usually replaceable. If one should become damaged, you can buy a replacement for just a few dollars.

On the other hand, your manual knife will need to be replaced completely if the blade ever becomes damaged beyond the point of sharpening.

3 Electric Fillet Knives Worth Investing In

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A lightweight knife, this unit runs on 110 volts of power and features extra-sharp blades for fast filleting. Designed by people who are passionate about fishing, this knife was a pleasure to work with.

The reciprocating heads move at an impressive speed so that the knife can literally lift one scale at a time and deliver cleaner cuts. The knife is designed with a high-performance motor that’s matched with a quality gear system. The result is optimal blade speed, and I found that the cuts were very precise.

With its power supply, the knife's movements were smooth and consistent without bogging down. In addition to using it on fish, I also used this electric knife to cut foam and other lightweight items. I know fishermen who swear by this brand because they’ve had their knives for years. They’re solidly built and designed to last.


Editor's Rating: 98/100


  • The knife features a safety lock and a convenient blade release.
  • It can be used to cut all types of meat in addition to fish.
  • It comes with a long cord so that you can move it around the workstation with you.


  • The blade release is in an awkward position.

Experience twice the torque thanks to the powerful gear and motor system of this knife. It’s designed to minimize fatigue and strain during use, so you'll be able to clean more fish without wearing yourself out. The blade collection is designed to cut through everything from saltwater fish and sharks to smaller freshwater fish.

The blades are easy to change out, and I experimented with all of them. The heavy-duty shark blade was perfect for slicing up a roast that was a little too well-done, and the curved tip easily sank through raw meat that was a little more difficult to cut.

This knife has been chosen by commercial fishermen and hobbyists alike. This American Angler is designed to be the best in its class with precision engineering and quality craftsmanship.


Editor's Rating: 93/100


  • This system delivers smooth and consistent filleting.
  • An engineered venting and cooling fan allows the knife to run longer without overheating.
  • The 8-foot power cord allows the knife to go almost anywhere.


  • This is one of the most expensive knives in its class.
  • The knife comes with a storage bag rather than a more protective case.

Offered by a trusted brand, this knife is known for being easy to use with 7.5-inch reciprocating blades. These allow you to spend more time cutting and less time trying to get blades switched out. With the advanced airflow, you won’t have to worry about the housing overheating halfway through your session.

Featuring a lower price point, this knife is perfect for the casual fisherman who cleans a dozen fish at a time. You’ll find that the 7-foot cord provides you with excellent versatility whether you’re at home in the kitchen or out in the woods with limited power supply.

One thing I noticed about this knife was the quiet operation. I was able to clean the fish without feeling like I needed ear guards, so that could make it a great choice if you’re going camping and you need to hear what’s going on around you.


Editor's Rating: 85/100


  • The knife comes with a stainless steel pronged fillet fork, so you can easily hold the catch while cutting it.
  • The knife is ideal for filleting and skinning.


  • It doesn’t quite have the power to withstand prolonged use.
  • The thick blades can be cumbersome when working with perch and trout.

The Top Choice

The clear winner of my roundup is the American Angler Pro with the glove and five blades. The safety glove gave me more confidence when I was working. The knife stays cool while in use, and it can withstand more demanding cleaning and filleting jobs.

It has the longer cord to make it a little safer, and that’s important when you have limited power supply options. The knife is affordable enough that you can add it to your own wish list or give it as a gift.

It will smoothly cut through the fish for you, and it has the smart safety features that you need. I have very poor grip strength, and I was thrilled at how much fish I could clean with this tool.

Provide your thoughts on filleting fish and different brands in the comments section below, and feel free to share this review with other anglers in your life.

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