How To Make A Goat Cheese Substitute: All You Need To Know

Have you ever tried adding goat cheese to your sandwiches or salads? If you have, you must have noticed its distinct creamy, tangy, and earthy taste that you wouldn’t be able to get from other cheeses. I mainly use goat cheese to add a tangy flavor to grilled cheese sandwiches. But one time, I ran out of goat cheese, and I needed to make a goat cheese substitute made out of several kinds of cheese.


Making Your Own Goat Cheese

Making your goat cheese

You can also try out this mock goat cheese recipe I've tried to make yourself a nice dish that requires goat cheese when you run out of stock. What’s great about this recipe is that you can use readily available ingredients to make it. You can also teach this recipe to your children if they are fond of goat cheese too.

Ingredients You Will Need

8 Ounces Of Cream Cheese

Cream cheese

Cream cheese has a tangy taste that can make up for goat cheese’s distinct tangy flavor. Cream cheese can be bought easily from the frozen aisle at your local grocery store. I highly recommend getting a cream cheese that is made with less sodium because it is healthier, though there is no specific brand you need to use for this recipe so feel free to use whichever brand you like.

If you choose to get yourself a bar of cream cheese, you should leave it at room temperature to allow it to soften for a couple of hours before using it to make your own goat cheese.

4 Ounces Of Feta Cheese

Feta cheese

Feta cheese is rather salty and this is why I recommend getting unsalted cream cheese. Just like cream cheese, you can get feta cheese from the frozen aisle at your local grocery store. Before you make your mock goat cheese, you should crumble your feta cheese into smaller bits and pieces so that it will be easier to mix with all the ingredients.

2 Teaspoons Of Parsley


To add an earthy taste to your goat cheese, you should add in a bunch of minced parsley leaves. When you mince your parsley leaves, you should be careful not to press down in the leaves with your knife. If you happen to press down on the leaves, you will end up with bruised parsley leaves that will make your mock goat cheese look less appealing.

1 Tablespoon Pepper


Add some spice to your mock goat cheese by sprinkling a tablespoon of freshly ground pepper. If you don’t have a pepper shaker at your home, you can make yourself some ground pepper with a mortar and pestle.

If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can ground whole pepper by putting your black pepper in a plastic bag and by pressing down on it with a hard object like a rolling pin or a meat hammer.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herb

To add a more earthy taste to your mock goat cheese, you can add various fresh herbs like parsley, basil, or thyme sprigs. No need to fret if you don’t have any fresh herbs available because you can also use dried herbs that you can buy from grocery stores.

But if you choose to use dried herbs, you should use just a little bit because dried herbs usually pack in a lot of flavors, and using a lot of it can overpower your mock goat cheese mixture.

Food Processor

Food processor

Goat cheese usually come as a soft but solid piece of cheese, so if you want to make a mock goat cheese that looks and feels like the real thing, you may want to use a food processor to mix all your ingredients completely.

But if you don’t have a food processor at home, there is no need to worry. You can always use a whisk or a normal spoon to mix in all your ingredients thoroughly.

Cling Wrap

Cling wap

You will need a sheet of cling wrap to make a good block of mock goat cheese. Whenever I am using cling wrap, I like to cover wrap it around my food a couple of times just to make sure that it is well packed and air tight. I also use rubber bands to make my cling wrap more secure, but this is entirely optional.

How to Make Mock Goat Cheese

Here comes the fun part, making the goat cheese! The steps are so easy to follow that even children can do it. As long as you will follow these simple instructions, you will end up with a beautiful block or log of homemade goat cheese in no time!

But before you go and start making it, note that cheeses are more susceptible to germs. Remember to sanitize your hands well to avoid getting any germs or other contaminants in your cheese.

Step 1: Crumble Feta Cheese

First off, you should crumble your feta cheese into small bits and pieces so that it can easily be mixed with the other ingredients. Crumbling the feta cheese is really easy, all you need to do is use your hands and rub the cheese between your fingers to break it into smaller bits. But if you don’t feel like using your hands, you can use a fork and lightly mash it as if you would a boiled potato.

Step 2: Mince Fresh Parsley Leaves

Before mixing all your ingredients together, you should make sure that your fresh parsley leaves have been minced. You should use a sharp knife to mince the parsley leaves to avoid bruising them. One technique I can suggest when mincing parsley is using your knife in a rocking motion to cut the leaves as you push the leaves towards the knife’s blade.

Step 3: Mix All the Ingredients Together

Mix the parsley, cream cheese, and feta cheese thoroughly by using your food processor. You should mix all the ingredients until you end up with a creamy mixture that is completely free of any lumps. Don’t forget to scrape any residue from your food processor when you are done mixing the ingredients. You wouldn’t want any food to go to waste.

Step 4: Shape Cheese

You can use any container available in your home to shape your cheese. I like using rectangle shaped containers because it is easier to grate. Just get any container from your kitchen and pour your mixture into the container. Lightly tap the container once you’ve put in your cheese mixture to make sure that there aren’t any bubble formations.

Step 5: Cover Cheese With Pepper

When you are done with shaping your cheese, you may add some spice to it by sprinkling freshly ground pepper on top of it. If you like pepper as much as I do, you’d put in a generous amount on top of your cheese and mix it in the container to make sure that the whole cheese contains enough spice. If you don’t like pepper that much, you may just add some on top of the cheese.

Step 6: Wrap Cheese

Cover your container with cling wrap to make sure that no contaminants get into your cheese. I like to use a rubber band when covering food up with cling wrap to make sure that everything is secure. You may wrap the cling wrap around your food twice if you don't have a rubber band just to make sure that it’s packed tight.

Step 7: Freeze Cheese

Freeze cheese

The last step to making mock goat cheese is freezing it to turn it into a solid cheese bar. Just leave your wrapped cheese in your fridge for about 15-minutes or until it has an entirely solid form that’s hard enough to grate or slice.

Expert Food Tips

  • Mincing Parsley

To mince parsley quickly and easily, rock your knife back and forth while your free hand is placed at the top of the sharp end of your knife as you cut through the parsley leaves. This method will let you cut parsley leaves into small bits and pieces in just under a minute.

  • Storing Cheese

Store in the fridge but don't freeze to make your cheese last longer. You should also get your hands on some cheese paper to avoid getting mold on your cheese. Cheese can last for weeks if stored in the fridge. If it has been stored for a long time, you should check for molds just to be safe on the safe side. It is especially hard to gauge the shelf life homemade cheeses so check thoroughly before using.

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Did you enjoy following this tutorial? I hope you did. As you have learned, it’s really fun and easy to make your own goat cheese from scratch just by using ingredients you can buy from your local grocery store.I used this recipe for dishes that require goat cheese, and I hope it can help you out too whenever you are in need of goat cheese but don’t have any.

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