The Best Wine Aerator To Improve Your Wine

Truth be told, who doesn’t want to make a great and awesome impression, right? Whether you are hosting a dinner party or organizing a party for whatever reason, you would definitely want to impress the pants off anyone who will be in your guest list.

However, when it comes to huge gatherings, serving a hundred dollar wine is really bound to break your bank balance. What can you do? Find the best wine aerator to truly transform your inexpensive wine into something way more impressive. Know where and how to find the best wine aerator and how it can truly transform your wine below.

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Why Use A Wine Aerator

You wish to create an honest first impression on your neighbors and you want to ensure that to create the wine you just bought would live up to its worth. Most wine enthusiasts would suggest that you just purchase a wine aerator, plus a truly attractive wine decanter can definitely help you turn a boring wine into something worthy of finesse and sophistication.

An aerator in addition to a decanter can turn your modestly priced bottle of wine more than match up to its worth, rather than tasting like a really cheap bottle. So, investing more on your bar paraphernalia with a wine aerator and a decanter can truly help you save cash overtime.

What Is A Wine Aerator?

A wine aerator is a small tool, typically attached to the mouth of the bottle of the wine to help permit air into the wine inside. Although wine will aerate itself if you let it sit for about an hour or so, there will be times when you would definitely want it to aerate way faster, such as when you are holding a party.

Red wines are basically the only type of wines that need aeration. You can also transfer your white wines into a decanter if you want to, but there is no real need to aerate them. Aerating or exposing red wine into air helps to form the taste before serving which leads to a far better tasting wine.

Appreciate The Flavors By Using A Wine Aerator

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Wouldn't it be tremendous if you could absolutely maximize all the wonderful potentials of your wine by being able to appreciate and release all the delicate flavors and smells in it? So what if you have never really understood what other people meant when they go into all those wine jargons of delicacy, aroma and whatever it is they talk about.

A wine aerator just might be the trick to finally bring your wine taste buds to life! You definitely don’t need to be left off the bandwagon. But right now, what you really want to do is make sure that you employ the wine aerator properly to get you optimum results from your new wine paraphernalia.

Why Wine Aerators Are Worth The Bucks

Whether you are an expert wine connoisseur or a wanna-be-connoisseur then, I would assume that you definitely want the best of the best wine accessories and paraphernalia to help you achieve this. Besides, you can’t really be the best by being outdated, right?

But then you are still apprehensive and wondering if it really is worth the effort or not. Here are some of the reasons why they are definitely worth the money you will be spending on it and why, without a shred of doubt, do I believe that. 

  • Think of it this way, a decent bottle of wine will cost you around $30. This is something you can serve at a dinner party without being totally embarrassed, but not really something you will serve to impress your boss or a client, right? Now, serving a twenty something guest can be a bit expensive if you will be serving a hundred dollar wine. This is where a wine aerator can really help you out.
  • A good wine aerator would cost you around forty dollars and as long as you don’t drop it and store it well, it will last you a good number of years, with you serving countless of much improved wine.
  • ​Letting wine sit for several hours before serving is the ideal way to serve wine. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to do that. Personally, I don’t like opening my wine unless I am already planning to consume it and that’s not really something you can gauge when serving a party. A wine aerator is definitely my best buddy when it comes to hosting parties.

When You Shouldn’t Use A Wine Aerator

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  • Wine aerators, as I have mentioned earlier, is best for red wines. It simple won’t have any effect on white wine or other liquor so it will be a waste of your effort to use a wine aerator on anything else but red wine.
  • Really old, really expensive red wines should not be aerated. Why would you want to aerate a six thousand dollar Château Pétrus, for crying out loud? There is no need for you to aerate old wines since the taste, body and aroma should already be very well developed by the time you bought it, and otherwise you should be asking yourself why you even bothered to get it if it still needs improvement. Aerating is ideal for really young wines, but you definitely do not want to touch your expensive bottles since old wines get agitated far too easily.

The Best Wine Aerators You Can Choose From

1. Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine Aerator Pourers are very easy and convenient to use. The best thing about the wine aerator pourer is it is very space economic as you won't need space for it.

You will just insert the rod into the wine bottle and the snout of the pourer will function both as an aerator as well being a wine stopper. For those who do not want any fancy, elaborate designs, then this is definitely the best choice for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Simple, basic design
  • ​Very easy to use
  • Does not consume extra space


  • Might have a lower life span due to the rubber in the stopper
  • Rod can be a bit difficult to wash
  • Fits a standard wine bottle but will not work for non-standard wine bottles

2. Hand-held Wine Aerator

Hand-help wine aerators are very sleek in design. Think of it as holding a funnel over your wine glass. All you have to do is hold it over your wine glass and pour the wine into it, and it will funnel the aerated wine into your glass.


  • Hand-held wine aerators allows for better mobility
  • Very affordable
  • Very portable and easy to put away when you’re done using it


  • Some people find it uncomfortable to hold the wine aerator with one hand and the bottle on the other hand
  • A bit bulky compared to other designs
  • Some designs do not come with a stand and it can be a tricky and rather unattractive especially if you need to use it multiple times.

3. Wine Aerator Dispenser

Wine aerator dispensers, otherwise known as the one one-touch aerator inserts a rod into the wine bottle. By pressing the aerator, wine will be dispensed into your glass.

It is very classy while being very convenient as well. This type of aerator is rather more expensive than the other types at around $100 but it is definitely worth the price.


  • It has a very classy design
  • Very modern with both use and appearance
  • ​Very space efficient
  • Very easy to use


  • It is a lot pricier than most wine aerators
  • Cleaning can be a bit tricky

4. Wine Aerator With Stand

Wine Aerator with stands are like huge funnels with a hole under for you to place a wine glass under. It resembles a coffee maker where it will be dripping wine into the wine glass.


  • Very elaborate design which will make an awesome display
  • Has a good space underneath which will fit most wine glasses
  • ​Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use


  • Takes up space
  • Has many parts that may be difficult to clean

5. Wine Aerator Pump

The wine aerator pumps will serve both as a container and an aerator at the same time. It is one of the best choices you can have since it will only cost you a little over twenty dollars. It will look somewhat like a giant syringe.


  • Dual purpose of both aerating and storing wine
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with free bottle stoppers


  • Can be a bit messy
  • Requires multiple steps that not everyone would find easy to follow
  • Has multiple parts that are used for different steps

The Best Wine Aerator

Among all the products reviewed, we find that the best product is the wine aerator pump. While it may be more expensive than all the other designs, it wins in all other aspects such as the aesthetic appearance, portability, efficiency and convenience.

If you are looking for a wine aerator that you will be able to use for the long haul, then choose the wine aerator pump. If you are having budget restrictions, the wine aerator pourer will also serve you very well.

Nowadays, effectiveness and simplicity can be just the thing you need. Try a wine aerator and post your comments below. We would love to hear what you to think!

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