What To Do With Coconut Meat: Interesting Ideas

Coconuts are one of the healthiest sources of food you can ever have. If you are ever stranded in an island, look for coconuts and you will definitely survive.

Learn what to do with coconut meat, because obviously you are not currently stuck in an island, but what you can do with it and what it is used for. Also learn all the wonderful benefits you can get from these often ignored coconut meat and all the wonderful nutrients you can get from them.


Knowing Your Coconuts


Coconuts are tropical fruits. You know when you picture yourself in a beach and you would often have a coconut in hand? Funny, really, how most people would get stuck on the idea of just drinking coconut water from the shell and just waste the meat itself.

They don’t even bother trying to eat the meat, when it contains such an abundant amount of vitamins, antioxidants and even fiber. Not only does coconut meat promote good health, but it also helps to sustain and restore it.

Understanding The Coconut


Coconuts are tropical fruits. The coconut juice, called the liquid endosperm, and the meat, which is called the solid endosperm, are very nutritious edible parts of this fruit.

These endosperms are protected by a very thick layer of fibrous covering and is pretty much impossible to open with your bare hands. Because these endosperms are highly perishable, it is best to consume them within the day if you are eating the fresh fruits. There are, of course, the preserved versions nowadays, so shelf life is much more prolonged.

Young Versus Mature Coconut

While you may assume that since it is the same fruit, there can be only very differences, then you are completely wrong. Most fruits get softer the more they mature, which is the complete opposite of what happens to coconut fruits. As the coconut matures, the solid endosperm becomes harder, and the seed becoming rock solid.

What You Can Do With Young Coconut Meat

  • Young coconuts have a very creamy meat which is very, having a similar consistency to jellos. Since they are very soft and in fact, quite delicious, you can just eat them fresh off the shell with a spoon or add them to your smoothies.
  • Young coconut meat is also used to feed babies to wean them from breast feeding. But since they are very difficult to find outside tropical countries, finding them can prove to be very difficult.

There are places though that do grow coconuts in the states but finding fresh coconuts may still prove to be difficult. I do notice some being sold in some places in the summer, though. You can buy them online from sellers and this might be a great option for some of us.

What You Can Do With Mature Coconut Meat


Mature coconut meat is a lot harder with a somewhat nutty taste. The texture can be somewhat hard to digest and very few people can tolerate eating them raw.

However, mature coconut meat is often dried and is the primary source of creating coconut oil. You can also have the fresh ones shredded to get fresh coconut milk by squeezing the shredded meat. You can also buy coconut cream online and use them to add flavor to your recipes.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Meat


Coconut meat, especially the matured ones, is a good source of fiber. The more it ages, the more oil can be derived from the meat as well. Of course, it will have to be dried and all that first.

Both young and matured coconut meats is a rich source of probiotics which is very essential to the human digestive system. It functions by providing healthy bacteria in the intestine, to counteract the bad bacteria.

Some of the healthy benefits you get from consuming coconut meat includes regulating digestion, aid weight loss, and fight off bacteria. It also contains other essential minerals like iron, zinc and phosphorous.

Storing Coconut Meat


As mentioned earlier in this article, coconut meat is highly perishable. While it is better to consume fresh coconut meat within the same day, you can also try storing them in the fridge for up to three days. If you notice any sourness, do not attempt to eat it anymore. Other signs of spoilage may include a sliminess in the texture.

Coconut Meats are one of the most awesome fruit flesh you can ever get. If you do not have access to fresh coconut, try to get them online or get other coconut products like dried coconut meat to snack on.

Let us know if you can recommend good places to get fresh coconut meat here and if you have any ideas on what we can do to it in the comments section below.

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