Paleo Diet 101: A Guide To The Best Paleo Fast Foods

Most of us already know what fast foods are - yes, they are foods that we can order and buy on-the-go and no, they do not run away from us. On a more serious note, fast foods are known to be food that is ready-made, can easily be mass produced, and can be served as quick as possible for hungry and excited customers. But pair ‘fast food’ up with the word ‘Paleo’, and we have a new meaning for it altogether.

Paleo diet is a meal plan believed to improve our health by boosting metabolism and strengthening our bodies by going back to eating fresh, real, and whole, unprocessed foods that are more healthy than harmful to our bodies.

With this in mind, I do not think Paleo foods and fast foods could be in real good terms together too much as the first focuses on fresh and unprocessed foods while the latter can be considered a heaven for processed meals.


So is there a way for Paleo fast food to exist? The answer is yes, but it is not always that simple. Yes may be the answer but it does not necessarily mean that there is a list of specific fast food restaurant or franchise that sell a lot of Paleo-type food products. What I meant by yes, is that if we try hard enough and do proper searching, we may be able to find certain fast foods restaurants that serve Paleo-based food.

So as a fellow human being, I would want to help you out in finding good fast food restaurants that serve Paleo based meals to lessen the burden for you. This guide is for us to be able to put together a legit Paleo meal from the various fast food options that are available near us.

1. Burger Galore

Shake Shack

Bunless double burger with bacon (and add more bacon while you are at it. Who doesn’t love more bacon anyway, right?)


Double meat: Burrito Bowl minus Rice and Beans (yes, I know this is not a burger meal, but it is still meat right? And who does not like meat?!)

Five Guys

Burger patty wrapped in Lettuce instead of a bun: Some of my recommended toppings in their list would be Green Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Grilled Onions (fresh onions better sautéed on the grill), Tomatoes, Lettuce


Double protein-style with grilled onions and mustard but no sauce and no cheese (cause remember no dairy!)

Carl’s Jr

Low carb burger (100% Angus Beef)

Jimmy John’s

“Unwich” - which is one of their sub sandwiches with a lettuce wrap instead of sub bread and wrapped in their paper to keep everything together

Elevation Burger

The Elevation Burger ordered with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun and comes with two grass-fed beef patties and The Vertigo burger where you can order as many organic beef patties as you want ranging from 3 patties to 10 patties.

2. Don’t Be Sad Eat Salad


Salad bowl without beans and rice

- Guacamole but should only contain Hass Avocados (preferably organic), some Red Onions, Jalapeño (depending on your spicy meter), Cilantro (often organic), Citrus Juice, and some Kosher Salt (for bringing out the flavor more)

- Tomato salsa which is composed simply of Tomatoes, Red Onions, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Kosher Salt and Citrus Juice

- Fajita Vegetables which is a combo of peppers and contains Green Bell Pepper, Red Onions, Kosher Salt, Oregano and Rice Bran Oil (Rice bran is not really considered paleo so eat this at your own choice)


They have a menu which allow you to make your own salad:

Complete with your own choice of lettuce, baby kale or baby spinach, your choice from a ton of raw vegetables, sliced nuts and others toppings and the choice to create your own custom salad dressing using ingredients you can choose from their vast list of ingredients.


Any salad is fine (but remember to keep the dressing to a minimum or better if you do not add one at all) but I suggest you order their Classic Salad


Chicken salad with oil and vinegar dressing or with little or no dressing

Tender Greens

Make your own salad

Mad Greens

Customize your own salad, and they also offer a variety of paleo-based juices

3. Chicken Meat

Taco Time 

Beef Taco Salad – a combination of crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese (sadly remove these), and lean ground beef.

Chicken Taco Salad – same concept as Beef Taco Salad just replace the beef with chicken (preferably organic).


Grilled chicken nuggets

El Pollo Loco

Grilled chicken and broccoli

Boston Market

½ Chicken with two sides of steamed veggies

Pizza Hut

Traditional wings

Natural Foods Store

Rotisserie chicken

4. Chill And Have a Drink

Mad Greens

They offer a variety of paleo-based fruit and vegetable juices

Juice It Up

Choose from their options of raw juices


Their “fresh squeezed juices” menu is the one you want

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for trying out paleo-based meals may be, I can say that it is quite a challenge to find them in restaurants and incorporate them into your daily schedule unless you are going to prepare the food and cook it yourself.

The best way to stay consistent on eating paleo is to plan ahead and always be prepared so knowing your options and places to buy is an essential role.

Eating out is not always going to be easy, that is why it is always helpful to know your options beforehand so you can make the best possible decisions. Although it is tough most of the time, you just have to go out of your comfort zone and try to be a little more creative.

I hope you find this simple article to be quite useful! Did you find my post interactive and interesting? Why not share it with your friends while you are at it! If you have any suggestions or any other thoughts you want to share, feel free to drop a few words in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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