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What Makes It So Amazing: Shun Knives Review And More!

Have you ever sat in front of the TV watching those online shopping shows where they showcase knives with all those riveting demo tricks? Well, you can stop now. Let me give you a thorough shun knives review to help you choose your own, especially if you don’t own one yet! I grew up in a household where kitchen tools were a matter of necessity rather than luxury, so if a knife can cut, it’ll suffice.

I’ve tried many different knives since I’ve started living on my own, most of which would last a few months before I have to toss them back out. Needless to say, Shun knives were a great discovery. The oldest Shun knives I have are about three years old, and they're still fabulous!

Finding The Best Steak Knives Online: All You Need To Know

Steaks are easily one of the most heavenly dishes ever created in the culinary world. A simple slab of beef cooked just right until its inners are completely pink and savory, just ready for the taking. However, if you were to dig into a thick pieces of steak without the proper cutlery, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your meal as smoothly as you’d expect, unless you’re using the best steak knives.

To effortlessly cut a piece of meat from a steak, you must be equipped with a great steak knife that won't ruin the meat upon cutting. In this article, I will be sharing with you a couple of basic things about steak knives as well as a list of my five most recommended knives you can find online today. Read on and find out more!

Top 5 Finalists For The Best Meat Cleaver Award

I come from a culinary family, and there’s nothing that intimidates me more than a commercial kitchen where some members of my family work. I tell you, that place is demanding and fast-paced! Their tools are top of the line. Among all the tools and cutlery, the meat cleaver is the most abused.

I set out to find the best meat cleaver that can withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen, but also relatively safe to use in our own kitchen. They aren’t just “knives that cut meat”. Trust me, they’re much more than that.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Cutlery Set

How many people do you usually entertain? Do you have a big family? Is it for restaurant use or personal use? Are you buying for everyday dining or a special occasion? Perhaps you’re looking for a traveling set?

These are only some of the questions you need to answer before getting the best cutlery set for you.

A standard cutlery set consists of a fork, spoon, a teaspoon, and a knife. Depending on the type of table setting you prefer to achieve, you may add more items such as a soup spoon, a salad fork, and butter knife.

An extensive cutlery set includes more types of spoon and fork implements and often used at a more formal dinner setting.

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