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Best Coffee Storage Container 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You've searched high and low for the perfect coffee roast, and you've finally found it. Now, where do you put it?

Keeping it crumpled up in its original bag would be a sin. Just like any other food, coffee is perishable. You need to find the best coffee storage container for these precious grounds or beans. Here are five of the best options to get your search started.

Best Coffee Tumbler 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Some people can not start a day without coffee. If you are one of them like me, you know how important it is to find a right coffee tumbler since you need your coffee all along the morning.

Whether you enjoy sipping coffee slowly and want it to stay warm for hours or you face a lengthy commute each morning, coffee tumblers are a fantastic way to stay caffeinated when you're on the go. The best coffee tumbler will reflect your style and personality, but it should also fulfill some basic requirements regarding size, durability and convenience.

First, I will give you a few basic standards for a perfect coffee tumbler that suits your own need, and then my top picks of the best coffee tumblers on the market.


Best Whistling Tea Kettles 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Although there are plenty of kettles on the market that don't whistle, that telltale sound is often desired by shoppers. I love the slightly retro whistle that lets me know my tea is done, but I also appreciate its more practical benefits.

Whether you're a frequent tea drinker or you need to boil water for your broth or enjoy instant soup, this guide can help you find the best whistling tea kettle on the market.

If you're not really into retro whistle of tea kettles and just want to pick the best kettle for your gas stove, I have 5 Best Tea Kettles For Your Gas Stove for you .


Best Tea Kettles For Your Gas Stove 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

To make that perfect cup of tea, you'll want a kettle that heats water up to the ideal temperature. While you can find electric kettles, or you could boil water in a pan, it is a traditional stove top kettle that tends to deliver the best results. Read on to find the best tea kettle for a gas stove and check out reviews of some of the top tea kettles on the market.