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What Every Good Paleo Followers Need To Know: Are Kind Bars Paleo?

Recently, I have started following the paleo diet, which is to eat only whole, unprocessed foods, including vegetables, fruits, and some nuts. What keeps me concerned is whether or not are kind bars paleo. It is something that I really wanted to figure out since I eat this healthy snack bar during breaks.

There has been an ongoing debate about the snack bars’ healthy claims, especially from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) standards. That’s why I have looked into this concern more seriously and what I’m going to share are the results of my research. For more information, continue reading below.

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Save Lots Of Money By Learning How To Make Vegan Yogurt Yourself

In this day where fast food and nutritionally deficient snacks abound anywhere food is sold, finding a quick, healthy and satisfying alternative that won’t break your bank can be quite challenging.

Moreover, if you have lactose intolerance or you simply prefer eating nondairy foods for other reasons, your challenge becomes even more difficult. I have a solution that may interest you. Allow me to show you the basics of how to make vegan yogurt.

How To Avoid Wasting Pork By Making Hurka Sausage

Hurka sausage is a very popular pork sausage dish in central and eastern European countries that is made primarily from offal, or the parts of the pig that are often tossed out, like the liver and heart.

If you're looking for a creative and delicious way to make sure that no part of your pig goes to waste, read on to learn how to make your very own hurka sausage.

How To Use Mild Tasting Fish In 2 Awesome Ways

Fish is one of the healthiest forms of protein you can consume. Full of omega-3s and essential B vitamins and low in saturated fat, it’s a food that you really can’t afford to skip if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

But the question is: How do you prepare and consume it? We all know how unpleasant it is to bite into a bad-tasting or overwhelmingly flavored fish. Sometimes it's enough to make us want to avoid seafood altogether.

Thankfully, a bit of subtlety and the right preparation can restore anyone's love affair with fish. We'd like to outline two of our favorite mild tasting fish recipes: Fish tacos and classic fish and chips.

How To Cook Frozen Meatballs – Simple Meals And Amazing Results

We all love meatballs. We love them in spaghetti and on subs and we even love them dipped in a great Hawaiian sauce. Making them from scratch, however, gives us cold sweats. Making raw meatballs takes lots of time and patience to stand there rolling all meat into perfect little spheres.

Therefore, frozen meatballs seem to be a good choice, but learning how to cook them takes a bit of finesse. Take a wrong step, you and your creation will have the humiliation of sitting untouched at the next potluck. I don't want you to face that embarrassment, so I've assembled some tips, tricks and ideas to help you cook perfect frozen meatballs every time.