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What To Do With Coconut Meat: Interesting Ideas

Coconuts are one of the healthiest sources of food you can ever have. If you are ever stranded in an island, look for coconuts and you will definitely survive.

Learn what to do with coconut meat, because obviously you are not currently stuck in an island, but what you can do with it and what it is used for. Also learn all the wonderful benefits you can get from these often ignored coconut meat and all the wonderful nutrients you can get from them.

Know How To Use A Palm Shortening Substitute

I am on a Paleo diet and every now and then, my friends are often somewhat surprised when I recommend using palm shortening substitute to their usual shortening. Just to give you a brief background, harvesting palm tree products are frowned upon by paleo dieters like myself.

However, living on a paleo diet is a lot trickier than most. Avoiding palm tree products altogether is very difficult, not to mention, bordering insanity since there are so many nutritious benefits that one can get from these products. The trick here is finding the right products that abide by the paleo way of life.

Are Canned Chickpeas Cooked? The Amazing Answer You Need To Know

After seeing some canned chickpeas in the supermarkets, it got me thinking, “Are canned chickpeas cooked or not?”

Finding an answer to this question meant a lot to me because I simply don’t have the time to prepare dried chickpeas for several hours. Neither, could I have removed chickpeas from my diet because they are wonderful legumes that offer a lot of nutrients.

I tried asking my friends about it, but no one really seemed to have a definitive answer, and so I donned my investigative hat, so to speak, and was amazed by the deluge of information I have discovered. If you have the same query, check what I have discovered.

Do You Peel Sweet Potatoes? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re anything like me, you might have asked the question, “Do you peel sweet potatoes?” While I enjoy the starchy, sweet taste of potatoes, I really just don’t like the hard texture of the skin.

Sweet potatoes are quite versatile because you can either mash them to make bread, or add them to savory dishes. They’re also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Even the skin is rich in fiber , that’s why I have tried to discover whether it is advisable to keep the skin or not.

Just continue reading if you would like to know what I have discovered in my research.

Can You Use Olive Oil In Brownies? The Unexpected Answer You Need To Know

I love brownies, but they often clash with my new healthy diet. One of the unhealthy ingredients of brownies is vegetable oil. I wish I can replace it with a healthy alternative, but can you use olive oil in brownies?

If you’re baffled with the same question, then you come in the right place. At first, I am not convinced that olive oil could replace the taste of butter and vegetable oil, but after a few research, I have discovered otherwise.

If you like to find out what I have discovered recently, continue reading.