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How To Create Fantastic Flavors With A Head Of Garlic Halved

I've used a head of garlic halved in several different dishes, and it really takes the flavor to a new level. It's also faster and easier than any other type of flavor delivery, and you won't have to worry about your kids biting into a chunk of garlic.

Peeling garlic can be a pain, but I've discovered that you can skip the hassle while improving the flavor. If you thought that you had to completely remove the papery cover, you'll be thrilled to learn that you can leave the skin in place.

I have a busy household, and I've found that this simple trick not only improves my meals but also gets me out of the kitchen faster. Here's what you need to know about adding that delicious garlic flavor to dishes with one simple swipe of your knife.


Need A Gochugaru Substitute? How About 16 Amazingly Easy Ones!

Gochugaru has a distinctive but not overpowering heat flavor, and it is used in many Korean recipes calling for a bit of red heat.

Unfortunately, gochugaru is not available in every local stores and finding is not always easy. However, finding its substitutes is much more easier. Here are a list of 16 amazingly easy substitutes for Gochugaru when the recipe calls for some and you can not get one.

How To Tell If Chicken Is Done: 5 Simple Tricks

One of the biggest challenges while cooking is determining whether meat is done, and one of the hardest meats to judge is chicken.

People are especially sensitive to the question of how to tell if chicken is done because of food poisoning risks. At the same, any good cook will tell you that simply slicing open a piece of meat to check for doneness is a perfect way to end up with dry or rubbery meat.

There are several ways to test whether your chicken is done. Let's take a look at a few of them.

How Long Are Potatoes Good For? Know How To Spot A Bad Spud

You're fixing dinner for your family and reach for the potatoes, and you begin to wonder if the spuds are still good. Most experts agree that the answer to the question "How long are potatoes good for?" is generally about three to five weeks when stored in the pantry. However, there are several factors that affect this timeline, such as storage, temperature and type of potato.

Since it can be difficult to remember when you bought those spuds, here are a few signs that can help determine whether or not the potatoes are still good.

9 Incredible Fennel Seed Substitutes – #5 Will Blow Your Mind

Fennel is a great spice for adding flavor to fish and sauces. I try to keep a healthy supply in my cupboard, but I cannot always get it restocked at my local store. I’ve tried a few different fennel seed substitutes, but some alter the flavor of the dish too drastically.

This is why I took the time to determine which replacement seasonings would provide the dish with the most consistent flavor. Here are some delicious substitutes that you can confidently reach for the next time a recipe calls for fennel seeds. The substitute #5 may blow your mind.