How Long Do Mushrooms Last Before You Can’t Use Them In The Kitchen?

Have you ever purchased mushrooms for an exciting dish you have planned only to store them away in the fridge for too long? Mushrooms tend to become slimy and unappetizing after a relatively short time in the fridge, forcing me to order takeout instead of preparing what I wanted that day and leading me to ask, "How long do mushrooms last?"

By keeping the expiration dates and signs of aging of some of the most commonly used cooking mushrooms in mind, you won't have to stress about your next recipe!

The Best Cast Iron Pan For Cooking A Steak

There is nothing quite like the taste of a well-cooked steak in a skillet. Cast iron skillets, however, are not all created equally. Many factors like size, shape and quality can affect how well a cast iron pan cooks a steak. Here are some great tips for finding the best cast iron pan for cooking a steak.

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9 Essential Ways to Cut Calories When You’re With Friends (#5’s a no-brainer)

When you're dieting, spending time with friends makes it easy to forget your weight loss goals. While it's possible for peers to actually motivate us in some ways, it's more likely that we'll forget our intentions and slip into old habits.

To make sure your weight loss intentions aren't in jeopardy, use these 9 strategies to cut calories even when you're out with friends.

How To Cook Your Roast Beef To Perfection

Have you struggled to cook roast beef just right in the past? Few foods are as deceptively simple to cook as roast beef. This is especially true if you're looking to achieve the medium or medium rare consistency that most people who love beef are shooting for.

Roast beef is typically a tougher beef cut, and those often are more flavorful. You should allow its great taste to stand mostly on its own. Let's get started.

How To Substitute Vegetable Oil With Applesauce In Recipes?

Have you ever wondered if you could cut down on the calories, sugar and fat in your baked goods? I enjoy a tasty blueberry muffin for breakfast or a rich, fudgy brownie now and then for dessert, but I don't like the calories, fat and sugar content of these treats.

I discovered that when I substituted vegetable oil with applesauce, it produced great results in almost all of my baked goods. Keep reading to learn more about health benefits from using applesauce.