How To Make Angel Food Cake Frosting In 3 Easy Recipes

Do you wish to make delicious frosting for your angel food cake? If yes, then it's your lucky day because I'll be making not one, but three angel food cake frosting recipes you can alternate to keep the family interested. The frosting recipes only require a few ingredients and steps. Even your kids can follow them!

I discovered all these recipes when I was making an angel food cake the other day. Since I followed one frosting recipe for months, I think it’s time for me to experiment with some variations. If you like to bring more frosting variety in your angel food cake, check the frosting recipes below.

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How Long Does Hummus Last? The Amazing Answer And More

How long does hummus last? What is its shelf life when stored in the fridge and freezer? All these questions and a lot more will be answered in this article.

Whether homemade or packaged, your hummus can go bad if not stored properly. I’ve had several bad experiences of having a ton of homemade hummus going bad on me and because of those experiences, I swore to myself that I’ll never waste any of it more. If you’re interested in knowing the exact shelf life of hummus, keep on reading the article below.

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7 Amazing Oils That Will Make A Good Substitute For Peanut Oil

Whether you’re running short of peanut oil or simply allergic to anything nutty, this article is for you as I list seven oils that can be a good substitute for peanut oil. When it comes to frying, peanut oil is much desired because of its great taste and high smoking point. Peanut oil is high in unsaturated fats which makes it a good source of antioxidants.

My quest for peanut oil substitutes started when I find it always unavailable at my local supermarket. Today, I’m going to share some great peanut oil alternatives that I've tested myself.

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How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown: 3 Easy Things You Can Do

Do you always end up throwing a bunch of overripe bananas in the trash bin? What if I tell you that you can keep the yellow color of the bananas longer? Today, I’ll show you three interesting ways how to keep bananas from turning brown whether they’re peeled or unpeeled.

I came across these methods when I had a ton of bananas in my kitchen. Since throwing brown bananas is such a waste, I thought there's got to be some way I can keep the peel's yellow color appearance longer. So now I’m going to share what I know so far.

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What Is Canning Salt? Learn All You Need To Know Here

Are you new to cooking? If you are, then you're probably baffled by how many recipes call for canning salt. But what is canning salt exactly? This question had bothered me when I was making brined pickles for the first time!

To the untrained eye, canning salt is no different than kosher and table salt. But it is different! How? Keep reading to find out what canning salt's special purpose.

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