When Is The Best Time To Eat Bananas? Find Out Now!

You may have noticed that bananas can be eaten whether they are ripe or not. From their fresh greenish color to their yellow and dark spotted color, the nutrients and vitamins a banana contains changes as it ripens. This is why it is important to figure out when is the best time to eat bananas.

As you read this article, you will find out the health benefits a banana has on your body. you might even be surprised when you find out when is the best time to eat a banana.


Health Benefits Of Bananas


A single piece of banana contains several vitamins and nutrients including 25% Vitamin B6, 16% Manganese, 14% Vitamin C, 12% Potassium, 12% Fiber, 10% Copper, and 10% Biotin, easily making it one of the healthiest foods available today.

Since bananas contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients, a daily dose of this fruit can help you improve your heart’s health, digestion, and even your physical strength.

Daily consumption of bananas has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease. Bananas can help your heart get healthier adding potassium to your bloodstream. More potassium means reduced blood pressure, therefore a healthier heart for you.

When it comes to digestion, the fibres contained in bananas help speed up your digestive track, which means your body will be able to get rid of unnecessary carbohydrates faster and at a regular rate.

As for your physical strength, you can almost instantaneously feel the effects of a banana after eating it. Bananas are a popular when it comes to working out, this is because of its energy boosting amounts of potassium. What’s more is that eating bananas before a strenuous work out has been proven to reduce the risk of painful muscle cramps.

Other health benefits of bananas include reduced depression, stronger bones, reduces menstrual pain, reduced risk of ulcer, and prevention of anemia.

When To Eat Bananas


Now that you know what vitamins and nutrients you can get from bananas, you must be itching to know when the best time to eat bananas is. Well you might be surprised, because when it comes to bananas, you shouldn’t judge one based on its color.

You must have thought that the best time to eat bananas is when they have ripened until they have a smooth yellow color. Another thing you might have thought is that bananas with a lot of brown spots are no longer good to eat. But the truth is, the more brown spots a banana has, the healthier it can be for you.

When a banana has plenty of brown spots, it means that its anti-cancerous properties are more prevalent. What’s more is that the riper a banana gets, the higher the concentration of vitamins and nutrients it produces.

Healthy Ways To Eat Bananas


What I love about bananas is that you can easily include them to your diet. If you don’t like eating plain bananas alone, you could try eating with cereal for breakfast. You could also add it to a bowl of yogurt if you’re not into cereal.

I personally recommend making yourself a chocolate banana smoothie. What’s great about adding bananas to a smoothie is that you can take it on the go, you can add more fruits to it, and kids love it. You can also make a large batch of banana smoothies that you can store in your fridge for later consumption.

If you’re not into cereals or smoothies, you can always try baking banana bread. What’s great about banana bread is that it fills you up without leaving too many calories in your body. It also has a great shelf-life that can last for weeks especially when put in the fridge.


Another great way to eat bananas is by making a banana curd. Banana curd is a sweet spread that you can add to a crunchy piece of toast or to a cold scoop of ice cream. It will surely get your taste buds going.

I also like to enjoy a healthy breakfast banana split - thanks Chellie from ArtFromMyTable for a great recipe!

Now these are only a few ways you can eat bananas if you don’t like eating them as they are. What’s great about bananas is that they go well with a lot of food, so feel free to add them to all sorts of meals, your meal will not only taste sweeter, but it will be healthier as well.

A Quick Recap

When eating bananas, you should remember not to judge one based on how smooth its yellow skin looks like. Instead, look for brown spots that signify the high concentration of vitamins and nutrients that a banana has. Be careful though, you might mistake a healthy banana for a spoiled one. Always check your food if its spoiled before you eat it.

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