The Most Affordable And The Best Beverage Cooler For The Holidays

Let’s admit it, no one really has a huge enough fridge space that can allow you to chill enough drinks all night long for a house full of beer drinking guests. And hey, this is not just a holiday dilemma but every single party’s dilemma.

Using ice to cool your drinks somewhat ruins the taste, whether wine, beer or soda. Your regular fridge can only do so much. Find out about the best beverage coolers that are within budget but can surpass even your wildest imaginings!

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What Is A Beverage Cooler?

Okay, so maybe you have never really heard of a beverage cooler before, or maybe you are picturing a gas station store’s beverage fridge, which is actually not too far a picture from what a beverage fridge actually is. To make it clear, a beverage cooler is basically a cooling appliance. However, it is designed to chill beverages faster than a regular refrigerator, and not really intended to store food items, though of course no one can stop you if you are inclined to do so.

Why Use A Beverage Cooler?

While a fridge may suffice for most people, there are times when a cool drink is needed sooner rather than later. It would normally take at least two to three hours to properly cool a drink, and if you want it ice cold, then you still have to put it in the freezer for about a couple of hours just to get the desired temperature.

That is where beverage coolers come in. Beverage coolers are intended to cool, even chill, your drinks for less than half time. Whether you are planning to host a party or just want it for regular home use, having a beverage cooler will give you more room for food and under perishables in the fridge.

You can segregate your drinks from your regular groceries. If you are anything like me, I never seem to have enough space in my fridge and a beverage cooler is an awesome way for me to organize my food better. Also, they are designed to consume less space, compared to getting an extra fridge just to give you more room for drinks.

How Beverage Coolers Work

Beverage coolers work by saving you more space and giving you an expedited means of chilling drinks. As mentioned earlier, it is great to have on hand when you are serving drinks to a huge party, but if you own a food business, it is also something that will both be practical and efficient to have on hand.

While ice cubes are an age-old solution, it dilutes your drink and can ruin the most awesome and naturally extracted juices, not to mention spoil the flavors of your favorite soda, beer, wine and especially champagne! And I don’t know about you, but second worse to diluted drinks for me or sweet warm drinks, or even just warm beers.

Best Affordable Beverage Coolers You Ought To Try

1. Wine Enthusiast 268 68 40 01 Evolution Series Beverage Center, Stainless Steel

This beverage cooler is very compact in size featuring a wine basket and a shelf. It doesn’t take a lot of space and is perfect for showcasing and chilling your wine collection. It also possesses as compressor ideal for this design and can make a great addition to your bar at home, or even just your kitchen.


  • Very modern looking
  • Very compact design with a very efficient use of space
  • Features two shelves and a basket for better organization
  • Offers similar features as that of a bigger refrigerator
  • Affordable


  • Ice and condensation tends to form on top of the unit
  • Makes more noise compared to a regular fridge
  • Wine tray may be difficult to pull out and push back when full

2. NewAir AWB-360DB 18 Bottle 60 Can Dual Zone Built-In WIne and Beverage Cooler, StaInless Steel/Black

The AWB-360DB is the perfect cooler to keep your wine and refreshments chilled and at the ideal temperature that you can appreciate. This model is a front-venting, compressor cooled unit and can be introduced for inherent applications or as an unattached model.

With a flexible temperature scope of 36 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and advanced controls, you can tweak how you need your beverages put away. As to capacity, the AWB-360DB can hold up to 18 bottles and 58 jars with its double-zoned design and the racks are movable to hold different sizes of bottles or cans. There is also a locking feature to secure your drinks better.


  • Front venting compressor
  • Double-zoned for stockpiling both wine and other types of refreshments
  • Can hold 18 bottles and 60 jars
  • Modern digital temperature controls
  • Locking feature to secure your drinks
  • Not too loud
  • Can be installed under the counter since it is front-ventilated
  • Holds temperature very well and cools your drinks easily


  • May clamor when the vent and compressor are running
  • Noise may be disturbing for some people
  • Pricier than other models
  • Temperature doesn’t go lower than about 36 degrees

3. Kalamera 15" Beverage cooler 96 can worked in Single Zone Touch Control and Temperature Memory Function

This is a very sleek, stainless steel and very straightforward glass unit. It has blue LED lighting which adds to the polish and ambiance of your kitchen or wherever else you may decide to put it. Very compact design that can hold up 96 bottles of your favorite drinks, which is a lot more than other beverage coolers!


  • Very compact design which can fit even small apartments
  • Very modern looking
  • Large storing capacity
  • Wire racks are removable which enables you to store taller bottles
  • Very quiet compressor with strong capacity to chill your drinks
  • Temperature memory functions which is very useful in case of blackouts


  • Drinks may not be as chilled as what you would get from a freezer
  • A bit pricey
  • A bit noisy, you may notice the unit turning and off throughout the day especially in a very quiet house

4. EdgeStar Supreme Cold Beverage Cooler

This is very unlike any other beverage cooler you might have seen. This EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Ultra Low Temperature Beverage Cooler is fit for achieving temperatures as low as 32ºF to help you store your drinks in indisputably the coolest conceivable environment without solidifying them.

The smooth stainless steel front, chrome racking and interesting inside lighting consolidates to give this ultra-low temperature refreshment cooler a refined and a la mode appearance that is certain to blow some people's minds.


  • Very powerful compressor which is gives you better cooling than almost any other unit
  • Built-in lock feature which can ensure that your drinks are stored properly and secure from accidentally falling out.
  • Cool blue interior lighting which not only adds to the ambiance but also in cooling your drinks better.
  • Racks and shelves can be moved around to suit the height of your bottles.
  • High storage capacity


  • A bit loud
  • Chills drinks but does not come anywhere near frozen (which is a positive for other people, of course)
  • Water build-up on the door

5. Avallon 152 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler - Left Hinge

This Avallon 152 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler (ABR241SGLH) has very well-lit interior which can definitely allow you to search for your drinks comfortably. It may simply turn into your most loved new machine! It's anything but difficult to work and keep up on account of the touch control board and the white LED temperature show.

The real scope of temperatures (34F-50F) is amazing too. It's not frequently you can discover such a sweeping unit with such a low temperature setting. This unit has a left pivoted entryway.

Low Temperature: Able to achieve temperatures as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you a chance to get your refreshments as chilly as could be expected under the circumstances without actually freezing them.

You'll never have any problems with uneven cooling with this unit because of its intense dissemination fans, which work with the compressor to uniformly and appropriately cool air throughout the interior of unit. The blue and white LED lights also help the temperature better.

You can alternate your lighting between a splendid, white LED and a delicate, blue LED, depending on your mood and the ambiance you want to create. It is entirely up to you!


  • High cooling capacity
  • Very modern and sturdy designInterchangeable white and blue LED lights
  • Even cooling on the interior
  • Very compact design
  • Right and left hinge options
  • Double-paned door ensures that no unnecessary energy is being waster
  • Front-ventilated
  • Digital control features


  • More than twice the price of some models
  • Does not have as much capacity as other models
  • No built-in lock features


Our absolute winner for this review is the Avallon 152 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler! While other models are more affordable, this model’s capacity for cooling is much better compared to all the other models reviewed.

And despite the smaller capacity, the quietness of the compressor plus the convenience of not having to worry about condensation and freezing tops are so awesome. This model delivers what it is intended to do and we have no real cons which makes it our undisputable winner for this review!

Let us know what you think and share your thoughts with us. If you have tried any of these products, let us know what you think and we would love to hear from you!

You may also share other models you might have tried that you think should have been included in this article, after all, we are always on the lookout for awesome products in the market. Happy reading!

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